Aishaba Lash Lift Kit Eyelash Perm kit Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit with Tools Upgrade Lash Curling Long Lasting Wave Lashes Semi-Permanent Home or Salon Use - REVIEW

  • I loveddd it but I didnt really know what I was doing sense it was my first time using it so it kinda looks wonky. the silicone eyelid thing wouldnt really stick to my inner corners very good and try your best not to get your eyelashes tangeled because that little brush will pull them out and its so painfull. I also dont really know what it means by “plastic film” because there was no plastic film soo yeah.
  • i like it but it definitely was a hard process makes my lashes look so nice and long defiantly recommend but will take u some practice.
  • I have done my own lash lift before and spent $10 dollars more on that kit. This was pretty much exactly the same thing, $10 less and it was delivered literallyovernight.It's tricky at first so watch a video. I will never spend $100 dollars at a salon again.
  • do it for a special occasion, not often, I fried my eyelashes off, and I had to re-grow them back LMFOAOAOA (even waiting a month in between) it lasts for like 2 weeks but if you have the eyelashes in the wrong place while you’re perming them, it’ll be so annoying until it goes away, i learned my lesson so u don’t have to xoxoxo
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  • EASY TO USE: The eyelash lifter kit is very easy to use, even beginners can create long and curve eyelashes. 1. Clean the eyelashes. 2. Put the lifting pad on the eyelashes, then apply glue on the eyelashes and keep it on the pad for 1 minutes. 3. Apply Perm agent and fixative sequentially and keep for 8-10 minutes respectively. Then use nutrients to nourish the eyelashes, and finally use a cleanser to remove all perm residue.
  • NATURAL LOOKING & LONG LASTING: After perming, your eyes look big and beautiful, eyelashes are naturally curly, thick and long.The effect is like a professional salon.And the staying power is relatively good. According to the operating instructions, it can last for more than one month without eyelash curlers and other eyelash products.
  • SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY: Eyelash perm kit have been passed many tests before it is sold, and the results show that it is effective and safe, suitable for home and professional salons.
  • ECONOMIC: The easy-to-use eyelash curling products are not only cheap but also large in capacity, which can be used more than 15 times, avoiding high costs and saving time, space and money.
  • COMPLETE SET: The kit include curling perming wave liquid set, lash lifting tools, eye patch, micro mascara brush. You can easily operate it by yourself.
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