Anastasia Beverly Hills - Mini Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara - REVIEW

  • The BEST mascara I have found in years! Makes lashes longer with one swipe and doesn't clump
  • This mascara really delivers long lashes. My eyelashes are light and just a few brushes makes my eyes pop!
  • Love it I use it for evenings when I go out and the best thing it stays on all night
  • Loved it so much I bought the full sized mascara. Best I’ve found so far
  • I do absolutely love this mascara. I saw some really good reviews and the large one is crazy expensive to me. I really wanted to try it so grabbed this little guy. Im usually disappointed in higher mascaras but I do love mine. I am about out now. Battling trying to figure out if I love it enough to spend that on the large one. Lol I do think I am going to be super disappointed if I run out and start using something else though.
  • This mascara goes on and doesn’t start to clump until it’s time to get a new one ….. and that’s quite a long time! Love it!Eyebrow pencils are pretty insane too!
  • Been using products for years and positive order,shipping and receiving from you.However, might point out so hot in Phoenix, the tip of eyebrow pencil completely melted all over inside of tip cap!
  • I have always loved any Anastasia products but for some reason have never before tried their mascara.Bought this sample and I am sold!It goes on clean without clumps.I usually "wipe" my mascara brushes before applying mascara to eliminate the extra that causes clumping.I found out the first time I used this mascara that wiping wasn't needed.The brush was not overloaded at all.I have seen women pumping their brushes in the tube or swirling them.I do not do either of these things and my brush always comes out clean looking and goes on well.The mascara lasts well-even in N.Central TX summer weather.I do recommend this product and will certainly purchase again.
  • Love, love this mascara!! My lashes look longer and fuller. Great value for the cost.
  • I love this so much!The full, hourglass brush is my favorite!People notice and comment on my lashes. Love it!
  • So fantastic! & there’s a little clump-preventer on the inside. I initially thought there was something in it, like a piece of plastic that needed breaking off but realized it had a purpose. What a novel idea! This is my new favorite for sure.
  • This mascara is cute in size. Does not clump which is nice. The only downside is it does smudge, probably because it’s not waterproof
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