Ardell Faux Mink Individuals - Medium Black (60086) - REVIEW

  • All my friends use these. They are great and easy to use. I am not skilled with anything make up, these are the only false lashes I’m capable of using on myself
  • These lashes are my go to . I'm a Mua and use these all the time . Love it. It's easy to apply and wears well
  • These are the best individual lashes I've ever used and I've been using lashes for 10+ years. The unfortunate thing is they don't seem to be in stock from this seller and I cannot find them anywhere on Amazon or in the stores. I wish I could buy more!
  • Sorry I look bleh in picscuz I’m at 42%but this is my fav falsie. I regularly had extensions from 2015 to covid. Still kinda am getting them but in the meantime ( & prolly like 100$ In useless magnets and strips I could land a plane on ) bur I have adapted to the a lash-taculous solution my seizure-prone, shaky-ass (never-gonna-be-a-surgeon) hand can STILL somehow do myselfAnd proud of it baby👍👻Well... these lashes help 😎Like I said. Tried way too much & spent too much until I found these **MINK (keyword when searching) in a Freddie’s butI think I bought them out....Anyway ordered these and, though I thought they’d be variety, all of them in medium worked out perfectly 😝🥳Glue I used was in a little “death becomesHer” vial that came with some Halloween lashes I picked up at grocery outlet (bargain market)It did come w/ a green vial of remover so don’t worry! Still looking...but it’s around here 🤓
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  • Product Type:False Eyelash
  • Item Package Dimension:1.4 cm L X4.6 cm W X9.8 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:0.7 ozs
  • Country Of Origin: Korea, Republic Of (South)
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