Ardell Deluxe Pack Wispies with Applicator, #68947, 1 Count - REVIEW

  • For a beginner, this little kit would be wonderful. The band is very thin like the clear invisible ones. It's great for those wanting a natural/everyday lash and these worked well for me. The glue works great but the applicator, it's fine but not my favorite
  • For the price this is an amazing set. The applicator is great and the glue works way better than I imagined it would. The lashes can be a little difficult to take off and can sometimes be a pain but for the price they are really nice.
  • I wanted to feel beautiful for my birthday this year. We can’t go anywhere but at least we can feel good about the way we look on our special day right?! So I ordered the little suckers and it completed my glamorous look for the day and was surprisingly easy to apply. I haven’t done my makeup in almost a year so I was rusty but with the applicator it made it easier for me! I’ll probably order again once I feel like glamming it up!
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  • Deluxe Pack includes 2 pairs of lashes, DUO adhesive and applicator
  • Easy to apply
  • Comfortable to wear
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