Ardell False Eyelashes Soft Touch Individuals Knot-Free Medium Black 4 Pack - REVIEW

  • I love these because they are so natural looking.I'm an older woman whose lashes have thinned out over the years and I just want something to fill in.I see some young girls these day whos wear false eyelashes and they look like catepillars are on their face. I don't want to look like a clown. Point being these are perfect and enhance my own lashes without making me look hideous.
  • They are cute for a few days but they do have a little bit of dried glue at the tips that it’s annoying and they really won’t stay up, they are not curled.
  • I use them to fill in when my extensions start to fall out.My daughtwr uses them when she has a special occasion or weekend.She works construction and doesn’t do professional extensions anymore.
  • I get compliments on how beautiful my eyelashes are and people don’t even realize they’re not all mine lol
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  • CUSTOMIZABLE LASH TRIO KIT: Popular with lash lovers, these individuals' lash trio kit can be applied sparingly for a natural look or worn densely as desired for full volume or to simply fill in natural gaps. They offer the flexibility to create virtually any look that you desire and are perfect for lash wearers who desire to be creative and sculpt their own beautiful natural length lashes with these innovative lash clusters! Make your eyes stand out every single time with these falsies on!
  • MEDIUM-LENGTH LASH INDIVIDUALS FOR A PERFECT SILKY END LOOK: These false lash clusters come in medium length, designed to perfectly shaped and arranged to give a perfect silky end eyelash look. They offer the right amount of length and thickness without screaming fake lashes that will complete your daytime beauty look with a graceful and delicate touch. The eyelash hairs are distributed in intervals, making this an excellent option to add volume and length to thin or sparse eyelashes!
  • HIGH-QUALITY FAUX INDIVIDUALS, ULTRA-SOFT STRANDS: With it’s soft and premium quality hair strands, these Soft Touch Trios Individual Faux Lashes from Ardell will make you feel like it is your lashes and add that special touch to your makeup! They will help you achieve an effortless, dimensional look with your lashes. They dare you to go for soft yet bold and dramatic make-up looks and perfect for those unafraid to turn heads, these deluxe lashes create subtle, yet great impact!
  • QUICK AND PRECISE FAKE LASH APPLICATION: Ardell Soft Touch Trios Individual Faux Lashes work wonders to emphasizing and transforming your natural eyelashes. Have an easy and uncomplicated application that holds the lashes and helps place them so perfectly! Place the trio individual lash cluster close to your lash line directly on top of your natural lashes, the closer to your lash line the more natural the cluster extensions will appear as your lashes will blend in better with these individuals!
  • UNDETECTABLE LASH BAND FOR A SEAMLESS WEAR: Each cluster is presented on a tiny, invisible band for easy application, comfortable wear and make sure your falsies will stay on all day, all night! They are crafted to replicate natural eyelashes for a truly natural look that no one will even notice that you have an eyelash extension! As these faux lashes are meticulously made, they're so comfortable you can wear them for weeks with proper care!
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