Ardell False Eyelashes Multipack Knot-Free Individuals Short Black, 1-Pack - REVIEW

  • I have deep set hooded eyes so I have to be careful about how long my false lashes are.If lashes are too long, they emphasize how small my eyes are.The medium length were perfect for the outer edges and small length for the middle to inner area.I bought the same brand's adhesive duo clear adhesive.I used tweezers to remove the lashes from the container, removed the silicone material that adheres the lashes to the container.Then swiped the lashes through the adhesive that I let dry for a bit to be tacky, and applied to the front of my lash line (not behind it).Then I applied brown eyeliner on the upper eyelid to blend the different clusters.With a little practice, they looked great!
  • I have used these lashes for years. My only complaint is that these lashes do not come out of the packaging very well. In attempt to carefully remove each lash, the glue is so strong that the lashes often are damaged. Also the glue sticks to the lashes that can be removed and have to be scraped off. This damages the leases as well.What can be done?So many lashes are wasted and unusable
  • I’d say these lashes worked out nice, they lasted about 2-3days. I got these as a beginner and they were pretty easy to use once I knew what I was doing. However, they are very short which is nice for natural but it’s very natural I would get a medium length next time, so I’d make sure to know what size you want. Overall really like and look forward to my next purchase!
  • Updated with pic. So in this photo I only put 4 of the individual lashes on the top lid and look at the difference! (Ignore the bags under my eyes and the wrinkles lol) Love the lashes!These are perfect for that extra pop of beauty! The length is so natural and these are easy to put on. I use black lash glue and you cannot even tell they’re not real! AND they come with a huge supply of lashes!! Get these! Great lash for a great price! Will submit photo soon
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  • Knot-free, contains 112 individual flares
  • Larger tray ideal for professional use
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Lightweight and reusable
  • Adds length and volume
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