Ardell Wispies 113 Black, 6 Pairs x 2 Pack - REVIEW

  • Ardell is my favorite. For some reason, they’ve stopped selling these in any of my local stores. These can look very natural depending on how big your eyes are. They are very flexible for molding where some brands can be extremely stiff.
  • My daughter loved these lashes and ended up stealing them from me because she loved them so much.
  • I recently shaved all my hair off as part as a cleansing. I've loved it so much I've decided to remain a baldie baddie. With my eyebrows on fleet and my lashes, Simply Beautiful!
  • I love these lashes bc they are so light weight and natural looking! I absolutely love them and will be buying more!
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  • WISPIES LASH FOR A BIG-EYE EFFECT: Ardell Wispies Fake Lashes 113 have been designed for makeup artists! These lashes offer an eye-opening and eye-catching appearance once applied. These custom layered lashes that look a little different from the rest aren't easy to find, but these falsies fit the bill perfectly. For full, flawless eye definition look no further than these impressive faux wispies!
  • UNDETECTABLE LASH BAND, SEAMLESS FIT: The Invisiband Technology from Ardell provides an undetectable lash band and the most comfortable wear, It disappears and seamlessly blends with your natural lashes, so you will be sure you're getting the most natural eyelash effect. These faux lashes feature a lash band that is durable, not easy to fall apart, and you will not even feel they exist in your eyes!
  • PRO-DESIGNED FAKE EYELASHES: Designed by a pro for expert-level impact, these audaciously plush strip lashes have evenly distributed volumizing alternating bundles to accentuate your natural lashes for a doll-like flirty fringe unforgettable look. These cult-favorite falsies have a rounded lash style, which opens up and brightens the eye for enchanting sparkle.
  • REUSABLE STRIP FALSIES: Ardell's best selling Wispies now comes in multipacks! Designed ergonomically, these artificial lash extensions are presented inside a white tray that fits in an outer box with a see-through window and is all reusable, so they don’t have to be thrown out after every use. To use, put lash adhesive, wait until it's tacky and place it as close to your lash line. Be assured that you're getting the most out of these faux wispies every time you wear
  • 100 % CRUELTY-FREE FALSIES: Ardell Wispies 113 are entirely made with no animal-derived materials and manufactured through a 100% cruelty-free procedure. Ardell Lashes are very passionate about beauty and animal care, so we ensure you can have peace of mind knowing no animals were harmed during the process that leads to your perfect look for a special occasion or day to day wear. Embrace falsies that do not involve cruelty to animals today!
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