Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Eye Liner Emerald,Pencil - REVIEW

  • Exactly what I was looking for. Love this color, easy to use and looks great!
  • I have been purchasing this avon emerald eyeliner for many years however on my last order I received one that it's different than the previous ones, the exterior doesn't look similar and the color shade of the eyeliner itself it's ligther, per the Avon website there isn't any changes on this specific item and this makes me wonder if I received an original Avon product.
  • I love this eyeliner because it’s a mechanical pencil and really stays on all day.It also always has a sharp point. I’ve been using this for years.I used to be able to purchase it at an Avon store in the area but they are no longer there. So I was so happy to find this on Amazon.
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