Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara -Black - REVIEW

  • All time favorite mascara but still have to use my tried and true baby oil for removal. Definitely not “Wash-Off.” Great price too! I like Avon products and happy they sell here on Amazon!
  • I love this mascara! It washes off with a washcloth, goes on very nicely (no clumps) and does not smear off under my eyes.
  • I have been using this waterproof mascara for over 10 years now. I love that I can now purchase it through Amazon!!! I am sort of an emotional person, and this mascara serves my needs as my eyes spontaneously leak periodically.
  • My eye doctor recommended waterproof mascara due to my sensitive eyes. He said anything waterproof stays on and doesn't end up in your eyes. Easily washes off at the end of the day after staying in place all day. Highly recommend! Tried several other products and this is the best.
  • I’ve tried all the waterproof mascaras from the $5 to the $35 dollar Estée Lauder, and nothing works as good as AVON wash off waterproof.It’s not clumpy and is easier to remove compared to most waterproof mascaras.I have been using it for 15 years
  • Great product...very little smudge...great separation!! Washes off easily....one star because of the picture!! It looks like your getting 2 but YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE!!!Vendor change picture to ONE item not two!! (keep pic of brush)Great product for the money ...been using for one hundred years/close to it!! LOL!!
  • This is the only mascara I will buy from now on.It's a great value compared to the pricey drug store ones.
  • This for me is still one of the best mascaras. It’s lightweight, isn’t clumpy, goes on easy, and completely waterproof. I’ve used this for many years.
  • I love the washable waterproof feature of this mascara. It didn't flake off and was easily removed with my Dove soap.
  • I love this wash off waterproof mascara, however I was under the understanding thatwas for two mascaras. In her advertisement she says to. I feel like she cheated me because that is very expensive. Definitely won't order from this vendor again. Rip off.
  • This is the only mascara I will wear. It doesn't smudge or run when my eyes get wet, either from crying or swimming.It's the best.
  • Been using this mascara for years and love it because it goes on easy and stays on till I wipe it off with a little coconut oil on a cotton ball. So easy.
  • The photo made it look like you would be getting 2. Which makes sense because $13 for one is outrageous. I have gotten 3 for less than that price from Avon directly. I won’t be buying this again from Amazon. That was really sneaky to rip someone off. I messaged and contacted amazon, still no response from the seller. The product is good though.
  • I have used this mascara for over 20 years.I love it, easy to remove with cold cream.I no longer havean Avon lady so was thrilled to find it on Amazon!
  • Easy to use no smudge no problems swimming with it on. Been using this for years
  • I’ve been using this mascara since it came in the market. It never runs or clumps and comes off easily with make up remover.The brush isn’t thick so it’s easy to use and kinda combs your eyelashes.
  • I’ve used Avon wash off waterproof for years but have been unable to find it to buy until now.
  • Sorry about the negative feedback I thought I was getting two tubes of mascara but it was explained that it shows the what the brush looks like I love Avon mascara it's the only kind I can use and I highly recommendit to anybody because it is wash off and waterproof
  • I've used this product for years and was really excited to find it here! I've been struggling to find a rep and decided to try Amazon for my favorite mascara. I've used this product for years and years and this is exactly what I've used from an Avon Rep. If I could find one who lives near me I would still use one, but until then, I love the ease of ordering through here.This is the washoff, waterproof mascara that Avon has carried in the product catalog. I can't use anything else without problems.
  • I normally purchase these from my Avon Distributor but they were on back order over the holidays. This is my primary mascara. The tube was just a little dried out. Shipping and timeliness was great.
  • This product is a little tougher to get off but not bad.You will need soap.I must say it will not smudge or flake and that is really nice!
  • This product never arrives all "clumpy" and difficult to use.Has a nice consistency and goes on smoothly.Am never disappointed in it.
  • You can swim cry but it doesn’t come off but it does wash off when he needed to come off
  • Love love love this mascara. I’ve been using it for years. Stays out and washes off easily with facial cleanser.
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  • Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara Black
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