BL Lash Essence Eyelash Growth Serum for longer, thicker, healthier eyelashes. Moisturizes and conditions thin, brittle lashes. Lash professional’s Clear Mascara for eyelash extension aftercare, 10ml - REVIEW

  • This is a great help!I am older and have needed something to help my lashes look better.This helps!
  • BL Lash Essence Eyelash Growth Serum brushes onto lashes wet and dries quickly so I can apply makeup soon after.I've noticed my lashes filling in a little thicker since I started using this serum.It's so easy to use and doesn't bother my eyes at all.
  • I can't say for certain if this made my eyelashes longer, but I definitely noticed a difference in their overall health. I also like the way the product feels when I'm wearing's a fantastic substitute for mascara if you're like me and don't like wearing makeup but want to give your eyelashes a little extra visibility.
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  • 🌟For thicker, healthier lashes| This fantastic clear mascara type lash conditioner contains various natural extracts which moisturizes natural lashes and helps them to grow thicker. It effectively nourishes and moisturizes damaged natural lashes
  • 🌟See results in 60 days | It is smooth and non-sticky and can be applied every day with or without lash extensions. It can be applied anytime, and it works even better when combined with MD Advanced eyelash growth serum. See a difference by using it for a minimum of at least 60 days as the eyelashes are the slowest growing hairs on the human body
  • 🌟Use on brows and hairline | BL Lash Essence serum also works great for bare eyebrows or thin hair lines. Simply apply at the root area of eyebrows and hairline to thicken and lengths the hair
  • 🌟Easy to Use | With the mascara brush, easily apply serum to the root area of the upper/lower eyelashes
  • 🌟Safe | The irritation-free formula has been tested over and over again to ensure that it is safe and gentle enough for all skin types
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