Body Drench Quick Tan Sunless Tanning Prep & Prime Body Scrub to Exfoliate Skin Before Tanning, 7 oz - REVIEW

  • This particular product works great to remove self tanner and exfoliate to prepare to self tan. My review is really for tanologist express tan mousse. That works great as well. However, if you avoid going In the sun like myself at 54 years old because you do not want cancer and already have sun spots all over your legs from growing up without sunscreen. This literally highlights every single spot. Ughhhhhh
  • Great at exfoliating. Got rid of the remainder of my previous spray tan with ease, in order for me to prep for another one. Definitely recommend this product. It also has a nice scent! It left my skin feeling nice and soft as well!
  • Love the clean slate feeling from this product, skin feels extremely smooth. Applying my tanning lotion was nice and smooth for an easy clean tanning session.
  • Great value for the money, cheapest I could find anywhere, and does the job well!
  • I use this to exfoliate before spray tanning. It smells so nice, with just the right amount of clean smelling fragrance.
  • I didn’t buy it for sunless tanning instead I just got it as a nice exfoliator. It made my skin super smooth. Luckily I bought 2 items right away since the reviews convinced me that it would remove bumps and dead skin.
  • I loved this scrub it left my skin really smooth on the 1st use .
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