BUXOM Lash Volumizing Mascara for up to 3X More Volume, Voluminous & Lengthening Mascara for Lash Lift, Cruelty-Free, Black - REVIEW

  • I have been using this product for over 10 years and love it so much. Never clumps and lasts me months! Package arrived quickly and intact.
  • I have short eyelashes! I’ve tried quite a few mascaras and this is by far the best one.
  • I love this mascara because it does not clump. Lashes get length without the yucky clumps!
  • I love this mascara and mostly the applicator which really helps lengthen and separate your lashes
  • Not quite as much volume as I was hoping for, but goes on nicely. And definitely no flaking or smudging.
  • This mascara does not clump or flake! I love it. And it’s easy to remove with waterproof makeup remover!
  • This is the go to mascara for me. I try others only to immediately go back to this one. It lengthens and gives volume to my short, fair lashes. I've been asked multiple times if I'm wearing lashes when I use this mascara because it dramatically changes my lashes in a classy not trashy way. They look great without looking "made-up" It's also at the price point that I can afford, but I think it's too expensive. Mascara shouldn't be this expensive. At some point it will be out of my price point.
  • So this mascara actually had my lashes growing in thick and longer. So why did I run out and buy cheap OTC mascara?? Never again
  • I’ve lost my hair and most of my eyelashes after having Covid. This mascara actually make it look like I have lashes again! I was using false eyelashes but they were hard for me to put on. This mascara is a life changing for me. The picture doesn’t do it justice but for having very few left u can see how much this product works. My daughter is begging me to get her some because when she used it, her eyelashes looked 100% better than her Maybelline mascara and she has a great lashes!
  • My biggest issue with non-waterproof mascaras was that they ran a lot by the end of the day. This one stays in place!!
  • literally have cried so much this year but at least my mascara never ran. 10/10
  • Does not clump. Coats each lash individually. Stays on even in rain or from tears!
  • Have been using this product for years. Would not change anything. Great applicator separates lashes perfectly
  • I’ve used Maybelline for 30 years. I decided to switch to Buxom. I don’t regret it. Pictures show one eye with mascara and the other eye is without. Full and flirty without looking ridiculous….and I don’t use false lashes or extensions, etc
  • Hands down my favorite. I’ve tried so many and keep coming back to this one!
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