CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara (01 LONG CURING BLACK) - REVIEW

  • This is my favorite mascara! I often end up with racoon eyes, but this mascara stays better than others that are 3x the price.Does a nice job on my already curly lashes.
  • This was touted as waterproof non-smudging yada yada. I wear contacts 24/7 and work outdoors so it was necessary to have a Product that would not transfer or get in my eyes.Well sorry but it is not sweatproof. Nor does stay put for more than an hour. It transfers to the lower eyelid (I don't wear mascara on my lower lashes or use moisturizer there.)I was so hoping this would be a product that performed as advertised.
  • I am on my third tube, I love it! It lasts forever. it holds my curl, separates my lashes and makes them look long. I can cry, walk in the rain, sweat and still walk around confident knowing i dont have mascara running down my face. It also surprised me that it was quite easy to remove, since it was superproof. but that is a bonus since you wont be tugging on your eyes to remove it.Overall, I am never going back to regular mascara EVER.
  • I have very straight lashes that I have to curl and I can only use waterproof mascara, and this stuff is waterproof X's 10! In fact, I have to take it off by rubbing my eyes with coconut oil and finishing with Neutrogena eye makeup remover on a cotton pad. However, it's worth it to me. The brush is curved and super skinny, it gets all the lashes and builds well. I really like it, this is my third tube of this brand. It will transfer a bit on my eyelids into the afternoon, but not as bad as some, especially if I powder set my lids well.I've never had a problem with flaking either.
  • I'm on the hunt for a great mascara that gives good volume without being clumpy and that doesn't transfer onto my brow. I've been trying various tubing mascaras because they don't smudge and also don't need a lot of work to remove at the end of the day. I do enjoy this one, and it makes my lashes look really good. However, I wouldn't say it gives "ultra volumizing" effects. Yes, it adds a little volume, but not as much as something like the Essence Lash Princess mascaras. It does add more volume than the Essence Panda mascara, though (which doesn't add any). It's a little less volume than the Tarte tubing mascara.Having said that, it stays on well, doesn't flake, doesn't smudge, and really does come off easily with warm water. I will likely repurchase again if I don't find something I fall in love with.
  • I have a hard time with mascara, 95% of them burn my eyes immediately after applying. I've used this mascara least 20 times before leaving this review and it's exactly what I need. The tiny wand works 110 times better to coat the lashes vs the big bristle wands. This stays put, no flaking, no running, no transferring and you will need a makeup remover to get it off. I'm so impressed that I have found a mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes and works.
  • Asian here and this is the best mascara if you have heavy straight lashes. It doesn’t really add a ton of volume but it’s perfect for just darkening up your lashes adding some length to them but most importantly it doesn’t drag your eyelashes down. I would use different mascaras in the past that would leave me with raccoon eyes in a matter of 10 minutes and I would have to continue wiping my under eyes the rough out the day, but it’s been 4 hours so far and there is no mascara on my under eyes at all. I will be repurchasing and most likely this will just be my mascara for life.
  • I couldn't find my mascara and had to use my sister's. I am NOT a thief and I did tell her I used it once and luckily she didn't get mad. This is the first time where a mascara does not SMUDGE or leave those nasty black residue underneath your eyes! I have very watery and sensitive eyes and when I used this mascara, it held up so nicely! It did not cake up during the day and made my asian short lashes curl so pretty! If you have monolids or short lashes, definitely use this mascara! 10 star!!!! I am going to purchase one for myself!
  • It makes my blonde eye lashes thick and lush. Big difference with even one layer. Easy to use. No burning eye lids after I applied it. Will definitely recommend this product!
  • This is the second type of mascara I’ve bought from this brand. The first time, they were waterproof as hell. These ones, not as much.
  • I found out about it throw my sister she cry’s and it doesn’t move we can go out all day and she doesn’t have raccoon eyes from mascara fall out so I got it since the one I was using did give me raccoon eyes and I do t regret itt highly recommend
  • Heard so many great things about this mascara for asian lashes. I was so content with my l’oréal telescopic but decided to give this one a try. Absolutely floored by the results. My new fav mascara!! This mascara + the shisedo eyelash curler is perfection.
  • this is the best mascara i've ever tried, even better than the heroine make kiss me long and curl mascara. it's smudge proof, long lasting, makes my lashes very long and isn't clumpy! it's kind of hard to remove though but i just use the heroine make mascara remover and some micellar water before washing my face and it comes off, just gives my lashes and extra curl after all that.
  • My eyes now look like wonyoung she’s my role model I absolutely feel more confident and everyone around me compliments my lashes saying they’ve gotten longer 🥰
  • I purchased this mascara in the hopes that I would find a mascara that would curl and keep it throughout the day. This certainly does the job! It’s very easy to apply, and not messy at all, it’s an amazing formula and super worth the price. As for the removing of it after the day is over, I do recommend using a cleansing balm over a cleansing oil or micellar water, but that’s just what I’ve found helpful in successfully removing it because this girl does not easily remove 😭✨
  • Amazing mascara ever!!! If you have straight lashes this will hold them up. The best part it’s a waterproof which makes it even better🫶🏼.
  • Best I have tried, stays put. No more black rings around my eyes. Yes its hard to remove , but that is what I want. When i remove with the make up remover cloths , I just press the cloth on my lashes for a minute or so, then wipe it off. Irepeat once and it comes right off.
  • I haven't worn mascara for over 40 years. This mascara works really well on my straight eye lashes, it does not clump or smudge. It works even better with an eye lash curler. I recently tried another brand mascara, and my lashes straightened right away. I use a coconut oil/vitamin E oil mixture to gently remove the mascara. Very good mascara!
  • I love this mascara! It is the only one I’ve used for the last year. Does not clump and waterproof.
  • As I’ve gotten older I’ve stopped wearing a lot of makeup, and definitely don’t wear false lashes anymore. My natural lashes are short and very light at the ends. I’ve been using lash serum that’s helped a ton to grow them but I make a conscious effort to get somewhat healthy mascara and that’s easy to remove.While this mascara will stay FOREVER in summer- through sweat, workouts, swimming, crying…. Literally anything, is is VERY hard to remove.I usually prefer the fluffy lash look but this stuff is perfect for the no makeup makeup summer days. I don’t have to worry about touch ups and it doesn’t apply clumpy and gross. It just makes your own lashes look 10x better. They’re defined and black, lengthened and noticeably so.I wish it were easier to remove. I’m in my 30s and I don’t want to be scrubbing at the skin around my eyes and also don’t want to pull out the few lashes I’ve worked hard to get and maintain.I’m sure there’s some really great eye makeup remover out there that I don’t know about but I have a few different types and nothing works without more effort than any other mascara.But if you’re looking for a bullet proof stay on no matter what mascara that isn’t clumpy and really just accentuates your own beauty, this is it.I don’t wear it daily but I love to keep a tube around for summer, vacations, gym, or anything like that. CLIO is an excellent brand and I have 0 complaints or questions about the quality of this or any of their other products.
  • TL;DR: Better than ANY OTHER MASCARA; makeup remover is requiredNot to be dramatic - indeed, this mascara has changed my life.I have extremely oily lids and deep set eyes. Even with primer and setting powder, every other mascara (both high-end and drug store) would transfer to both my brow bone and my cheekbones - and setting powder under my eyes aged me by at least 5 years. So, basically I wasn’t happy with the longevity of my makeup and constantly felt like I needed to check my mascara/undereye while at the office or out and about.Enter Clio.This mascara does not move. It does not transfer. It holds curl all day. I didn’t think it was possible, especially for the price. I’m in love and will use this mascara until I die (nope, no drama here).TIP: Use Aquaphor, Vaseline, or an oil like squalene to remove this. Micellar water didn’t do much, but I like washing my face with a soap and an oil cleanser then gently removing the mascara with a q-tip.BONUS: You could literally drink from a firehose with this on and you would still have curled, voluminous eyelashes - yes queen.Anyway, go buy this mascara. It’s “the one.”
  • I didn’t like it the first time I tried to use it, I wasn’t used to the brush. I’ve gotten used to thethick brush and I love it. It stays on all day DOES NOT flake or leave a black smudge under my eyes. At the end of the day it’s still on.It comes off in the shower, or with a hot wash cloth. A couple more things I want to try, 1.How long my lashes stay up, I never really paid attention, 2. How long the mascara last in the tube essentially feeling like I’ve gotten my moneys worth. So far I think I’ve been using it for a month and it still feels like the mascara is going on easily.
  • absolutely love this mascara! it definitely looks like fake lashes but it can be hard to get off.
  • I applied 2 coats in the picture but I honestly didn't even need to, it works so well! Feels very lightweight, dried fast, no issues with transferring so far. Removed easily with micellar water. Definitely recommend!
  • The "Superproof" in the name is no exaggeration. This mascara offers bulletproof hold, ensuring that my lashes remain voluminous, curled, and smudge-free throughout the day. It stands up to humidity, sweat, and even a few tears without any signs of flaking or smudging. Whether I'm caught in unexpected rain or accidentally rub my eyes, this mascara refuses to budge. It's truly smudge-proof and stays in place, ensuring that I don't have to worry about raccoon eyes during the day.
  • I like this product it gave lashes fullness without heavy clumpy feel and no eye irritation.
  • I got this after reading a review, I always struggle with my mascara getting smudged during the day and it didn’t happen with this one. It has good coverage and add volume. Will get it again.
  • I have both 01 Long Curling and 04 Extreme Volume and love both for different reasons.The 04 give my lashes nice volume and does not clump, but does not hold a curl as well as 01. It is however, super easy to remove (it's a tubing mascara), which I love. Just thoroughly wet lashes with water and gently swipe product off. I usually remove in the shower.The 01 holds a curl really well, makes my lashes long and does not smudge when wet. Tested it out at Global Citizen Festival in NYC as it rained the entire time and this mascara held. No smudging! It doesnt give nice volume like 04 though and is more difficult to remove. However, I found a solution for that. I purchased the Heroine Make by KISS ME Speedy Mascara Remover from Amazon and that stuff takes this mascara off with ease. I believe Clio also makes a similar mascara remover, but I could not find it on Amazon.Overall, I love these mascaras. They are my favorite mascaras at the moment. I plan on purchasing the 02 Volume Curling one next to see if that will give me volume like 04 with the curl hold of 01.
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  • [LIFT AND LENGTHEN YOUR LASHES] The perfect everyday mascara. Our mascara separates and lengthens every lash, creating a full and long set of eyelashes. It’s like getting an eyelash extension, without the extensions!
  • [STRONG CURLS THAT STAY CURLED] Our mascara creates super-curls that’ll stay throughout the day. Our Strong Curve System technology builds and holds curls by sealing the coat with a powerful layer of gel.
  • [SMUDGE AND CLUMP FREE FORMULA] Our long-wearing, waterproof formula won’t smudge or smear throughout the day. This mascara will coat each and every strand of your eyelashes without clumping. Build up length using multiple coats.
  • [EFFORTLESS APPLICATION] Our conveniently-designed wand makes it easy to grab your eyelashes closer to the root and boost its length and volume like no other product.
  • [PAIR WITH OUR BROW AND EYE PRODUCTS] Build your look with our best-selling brow products and eye products. All available on the ‘CLIO PROFESSIONAL’ storefront.
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