COVERGIRL Total Tease Full + Long + Refined Mascara, Very Black, .21 oz (6.5 ml) (Packaging may vary) - REVIEW

  • I have been using this mascara for years. It's the one closest to what I want. I curl my eyelashes and this mascara holds the curl the longest. But not the full day..
  • I absolutely LOVE this mascara! I’ve tried other brands that are more expensive and I always come back to this particular mascara! I gives me the volume and length I love!!
  • Love this mascara for a natural, full lash. The applicator is great for getting every lash. Only downside is it smudges quite easily.
  • My teenager watches a bazillion makeup videos and knows way more than I do about cosmetics. I ask her what to buy, she tells me this one, she is correct. I don't think there's as much in this tube as your typical drugstore mascara however because I ran out quickly. I love the tiny brushes at the end for feathering out my microscopic lashes, especially on the bottom. I also oddly appreciate the pink handle because I can locate it in my purse when I'm in a rush.
  • Separates and defines lashes perfectly! Doesn't smear or flake, long lasting.Gives you a great look, but not as "blackest black" mascara look as some of the brands like Grande Lash or Thrive.I like this as a first coat before I use my HD mascara formulas and to brush through clumps and get length.
  • I've used this mascara for quite a while now.There's not much I don't like about it.It's not waterproof which can be a problem some times.But it's so much easier to remove when it's not waterproof.It does flake a bit, but not so much that I can't stand it.I highly recommend it.
  • Love the wand on this mascar. Had a small claw like side to the want that is great for getting all those time eye lashes....and the other side is more like a normal silicone wand.
  • This is hands down one of the best “drug store” brand mascaras I have ever used. I LOVE mascara, I really believe it can make or break a look - I’ve spent a boatload of $$ on fancy designer mascara and liked them, but honestly this is better. I highly recommend this product. It’s perfect for newbies and pros a like! I did not have the issues of flaking as other reviews have mentioned.
  • This is the best mascara for me the doesn't break my lashes. It is WATERPROOF because I have used others and in the heat I get black under my eye. This mascara is my #1, it's also sensitive to my eyes. Thank you for still selling it on Amazon. Can't find it in the makeup departments.
  • One of my favorite mascara s and they do not sell it in the store’s,I love Amazon you can find most anything
  • This is definitely the best mascara I have ever tried, itlasts a very long time and is not clumpy. Itmakes my eyelashes look a lot longer and I have gotten several compliments while wearing this mascara.
  • I love this mascara! It’s my favorite. It’s one of the only ones that I can get long and defined lashes with very little clumping. It doesn’t tend to flake a bit near the end of the day, but it doesn’t bother me too much. It may be more due to my own tendency to rub my eyes a bit. Anyway, this is my main mascara! I can’t find it in stores often, so I really hope Amazon will have it for a long time!
  • I really like this mascara because it definitely does lengthen your eyelashes. It’s very user-friendly, last all day, and easily glides on! I have been asked several times if I have fake eyelashes on.
  • The mascara is great however the blister packaging was torn and had been taped back on and then shipped.
  • Mascara wand works well on tiny lashes. Mommy Dezarn (MDM) carefully wraps & quickly ships.
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  • Polymer-enriched thickening complex boosts volume and defines the shape of your lashes
  • Get fine-tuned separation with the Lash Teasing Comb
  • 500% more volume instantly
  • Tease clumpy lashes away
  • Product channels build lashes while bristles zones separate and define
  • Ophthalmologically tested
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers
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