Clinique High Impact Mascara Black - REVIEW

  • I gave this as a girt, and they loved it! Would buy again. Nothing like a big smile to make my day!
  • I love this mascara but it was not in box with forks as stated. I still need the mascara! Thanks
  • I have been a Clinique user for years and have used many of their different products.However, I do not care for this mascara because it is flaky, not only when trying to remove, but if I have reason to rub my eye or have tears, it leaves flaky particles under my eyes and actually on the lashes.I will not replace this with another one when I finish or discard this tube.
  • This has been my favorite mascara for years. I can’t find it in store anymore so I’m glad to be able to find it at all. I haven’t opened the box yet, but I’m hoping it’s sitting outside in the cold temperatures didn’t change its consistency.
  • I felt it was kinda pricy but it is worth it! I actually can see my lashes! It thickens and fills in great! Will be purchasing again!
  • I am a mascara snob! This mascara makes my lashes long and full! No clumping as I can’t stand the spider eye build up look. And it washes away easily with just soap!
  • Clinique is my go-to for most make-up products.This particular High Impact Mascara is my preference. All products by Clinique are excellent. Worth trying if you have not.
  • Product does not make your lashes feel hard or brittle, they stay soft but defined
  • I keep going back to this mascara even after trying others. It makes my lashes instantly long and thick in appearance. The only downside is that it tends to go on a little cakey so you have to be careful to apply it lightly.
  • Very nice mascara; I've been using this product for quite a while now.I hope they keep making it.
  • I've been looking for a good mascara to use on my thinning eyelashes. I love clinique products so thought I'd try this. Boom! My lashes look like they did in my 20s! Easily washes off, but stays on and doesn't clump. Winner winner!
  • This is my favorite all time mascara. It comes off so easily with warm water.
  • Easy to apply. Curls and separates my eyelashes nicely without looking fake or clumpy. I would buy again.
  • Did not smudge on upper lashes .It did smudge a little on bottom lashes . Was not harsh . This will be my go to mascara.
  • I have been buying this mascara for many years and love it. Easy to apply, does not smear and not as hard to remove as “waterproof” ones I have tried in the past.
  • I love using this over my kitchen sink.It's classy and rolls up when I don't want it out.It's super easy to clean in the top shelf of our dishwasher.
  • This was my first time using this particular mascara, and I’ve used so many trying to find a good one. I would say the overall this is a good product, and I probably will buy it again. It does lengthen my lashes. I would say the major downside is that when you’re taking it off at clumps really bad and flakes.
  • This is my favorite brand of mascara, shipped in one day and I like that it doesn't clump.
  • The mascara is pretty good. It stays on without smudge.What I really like is the brush!It lifts, separates and curls lashes. I will probably buy it again.I experienced less irritation with this product than most others.
  • I love how this makes my eye lashes look and is very gentle. Doesn’t irritate my eyes.
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  • A multi-benefits mascara that brings striking effect
  • Adds maximum volume and length to lashes
  • Gives rich, intense color for long wearing
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