Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara - # 01 Black - 8ml/0.28oz - REVIEW

  • Over the years I’ve tried countless mascaras. My biggest pet peeves are clumping and flaking.Clinique delivers a waterproof mascara that has eliminated any of those problems.I do use a mascara remover to get it all off before washing my face.It stays on all day with no smudging, flaking and nice separation of the lashes.Lasts probably 6 months for me.
  • This is just what I wanted. New, never used. I received it super fast and the Amazon driver was so kind and respectful.Thank you.
  • I have eye allergies, and this mascara irritates my eyes the least! I like the waterproof. just wish it did not clump after 4 or 5 times after use. found a little trick" to thin mascara, add a drop or 2 of saline nose solution to mascara to thin it back out and remove clumping on brush!
  • I threw away my other store bought mascara tubes after getting this. It goes on smooth without clumps, the brush is very nice and it stays on when a bit wet (not a lot wet, but that's ok because it comes off easy with washing).
  • Cover Girl stopped making my fav waterproof & smudge proof mascara that I used for like 20 years so I needed to find a new one. I tried Mac & several other Cover Girl options, but they all gave me raccoon eyes & WAY too much volume! The feature I care about the most is NO raccoon eyes. I tried this Clinique mascara after looking at a lot of different reviews. I love it so much, no raccoon eyes:) It is a little more dry than some other mascara options as mentioned in other reviews, but I think that might be in part by design & part of the reason it stays in place so well. I get plenty of volume, but I personally love a subtle makeup look & have plenty of eyelash to begin with so just want to add color and length for the most part. I have purchased this several times now.
  • All products are A-1 as usual from Amazon and Clinique. Very good quality for the price.
  • This mascara lasted all day including 2.5 hours of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This means it lasted through not just my sweat, but the sweat of multiple people dripping on my face. It lasted through multiple arms and legs across my eyes while grappling.
  • This is ok buy still having trouble with clumping on the end of the brush which makes it hard to cover lower lashes.
  • This mascara is my favorite!! It is easy to wash off and is 100% waterproof. It doesn't tear off your eye lashes. Lasts all day long.
  • I love this mascara for a couple of reasons - it’s waterproof to a point, meaning it doesn’t run easily so no black eyes if you get wet, yet it’s easy to remove. It extends my lashes beautifully and still keeps a natural look. For what I need it’s for it’s a perfect combination.
  • Winner! Great for even my 7 year old daughter to use during dance competitions!Its non irritating, and very water or tear proof!As a mom, I’ve even worn this in pool without any fault. Highly recommend, quality mascara!
  • I will put this on at 7:30 and it stays on until I take it off at 10:00PM. It's a bit hard to remove, because it seems to have industrial strength durability, but it's hands-down my favorite, a lifetime use product. It lengthens well, the volume is wonderful. I love this mascara.
  • The mascara itself is great. It dries fast and stays all day. However, the delivery system needs some work because when you take the brush out of the tube, it pulls so much mascara with it that you have to scrape it off, wasting so much in the process because it dries out in the opening. It’s like the tube entrance needs to be smaller all around.
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  • Clinique - Mascara - High Impact Waterproof Mascara
  • High Impact Waterproof Mascara - # 01 Black
  • 8ml/0.28oz
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