CALAILIS Lash Clusters DIY Eyelash Extensions 0.3mm Super Thin Band and Soft Wispy Cluster Lashes Natural Look Reusable 96Pcs D Curl Fluffy Eyelash Clusters (HD17, 10-16mix, D Curl) - REVIEW

  • I was worried because I have always had trouble putting on lashes. Then when I finally get them on they're uncomfortable. These were so easy to put on. I got them on in about 5 minutes and they are so comfortable. Had them on all day. Will definitely purchase again 馃檪
  • I loved these lashes, comfortable and well made. As for the glue I was able to use it only once and the lashes stayed on for 3 days, the glue seemed like it was mostly dried up . So I was really disappointed with the glue. I鈥檒l try getting the glue on it鈥檚 on again hopefully it won鈥檛 come dried up because it was easy enough to use and the retention was good with the lashes.
  • obsessed with these! they are so easy to apply and look like real lash extentions! comfortable to wear!
  • These eyelashes are stunning. They come with a nice variety in lengths. The true black color is nice. I reviewed the suggested lengths in the photos for the item but I decided to use my own method as I have large eyes. I used a long lasting glue and this photo is after 2 weeks of lashes. Be careful when applying to not get them on your waterline.
  • These lashes are very easy to put on, I will highly recommend this brand. 10/10
  • These are my favorite clusters so far! I have tried many other ones but these ones are light weight and easy to put on. Love them!!
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  • 銆怤EW STYLE 路 MORE CHOICE銆慍ALAILIS cluster lashes to create more style to provide shoppers with more choices. You can match the same or different types to create a unique lash look. You will get unique glam from it! Let's do it!
  • 銆怌OST-EFFECTIVE 路 REUSEABLE銆慣he lash clusters are the best choice for the experienced if you can skill to use. Each package contains 96 cluster lashes and sets with varying lengths. Cost-effective must-have and CALAILIS cluster lashes can be reusable 10 times.
  • 銆怱OFT 路 COMFORTABLE銆慡uper thin band eyelash clusters are soft for your eyes. Also, we have upgraded our eyelash materials. Our cluster lashes are soft and fluffy just like natural lashes鈥攏o worry about the plastic look.
  • 銆怑ASY TO USE 路 5MINS TO CREATE銆慉pply steps: apply the lash glue, pick eyelash clusters, apply the individual lashes to natural eyelash, and away 2-3mm from the eyelid. With more practice and you can 5mins to create.
  • 銆怑XCELLENT QUALITY 路 CALAILIS PROMISE銆慣he DIY lash extension strips can be readily removed from the tray and have no residue/no stick/no kink. CALAILIS promises all products are cruelty-free, have no tests from animals, and are environmentally friendly.
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