Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara and Lash Blast Amplify Eyelash Primer, Very Black, Value Pack - REVIEW

  • I love and the price is excellent you get two for the price of one if you bought it at the pharmacy.
  • This product is very nice.I'm unclear exactly how well the primer works, as I've used ther mascara alone when in a hurry and my leashes still looked great.I think the primer adds more volume frankly because the length I get with mascara alone is very satisfying.I've already bought again.Easy peasy.
  • I finally found a mascara that I can wear to work daily. I had dry eyes even before my laser eye surgery (solution- this mascara!). I tried many expensive mascaras. Also, my lower eyelashes are long and it doesn’t melt down my eyes lol at all- ever. I recommend getting it with the primer- looks gorgeous. It is extremely easy to remove with a makeup remover wipe. The other brands stay on and clump for days, so I really don’t bother putting that junk on. This is my favorite mascara, and I’m so pleasantly surprised by the daily happinesses it brought me!! A+!! :)
  • The mascara itself can get a little clumpy/flakey, but I just use an additional brush which is no bother for me since I mix multiple tubes anyways. However the primer is great !!
  • I had been searching for a good mascara for older eyes for a long time. Everything clumps or smudges.Things that you don't know about getting older until you are there.This one is a hit. I absolutely love it.
  • This two step mascara gives the greatest volume for even the thinnest lashes.I highly recommend.
  • My purchase reason is because I don’t wear false lashes this product is great for extending your lashes. For great results let the dry after each application
  • The length and volume that this mascara gives my eyelashes is unbelievable. This is hands-down the best makeup product I have ever used. My lashes look amazing.
  • I am happy with this mascara and primer. It did get messy toward the end of the day BUT it was a LONG day. I am thankful it's easy to remove without pulling out my eyelashes.
  • The primer really makes a difference. I would say the performance is up there with pricey brands like Lancome. Doesn't flake or leave raccoon eyes
  • I purchased it earlier and now using it.Used before and it is a nice duo. As I get older, I am losing more lashes, and sleeping on my side, my lashes become bent. The primer helps straighten and highlight the lashes I might normally miss.Very helpful to get a full-lash look.
  • I'd run out of my old mascara I read the reviews on this one brought it and I love it this will continue to be my eyelash curler brand.No complaints about this purchase. It's great!
  • My covergirl mascara that i used for severalyears was discontinued. Here I go again findingright mascara. Well I did! This product comes withprimer which you coat on first. Then you use the mascara. WOW! My lashes are thick and long.Try it! You’ll live it!
  • I had no idea that primer would make such a difference! The mascara that comes with it is unexpectedly really good, but the primer is the key. Be sure to wait a minute or two so the primer is dry before applying mascara. Good purchase for me.
  • I usually purchase Covergirl LashBlast Volume WATERPROOF Mascara in Very Black, but they were out of stock. This duo of a lash primer with the regular LashBlast Volume Mascara was what popped up as an alternative…I’m so happy it did! I’d never used a lash primer before and now having used this with my usual LashBlast Volume WATERPROOF Mascara (I need my mascara to be waterproof) I am absolutely loving how the primer goes on smoothly and easily without any clumping, yet adds a tremendous more amount of volume and length to my lashes!This is now my very quick, yet very impactful lash routine:- Curl lashes for 40 seconds on each eye using a lash curler- Apply Covergirl white lash primer to curled lashes (lashes should be nearly completely white with just one to two coats)- Let primed lashes dry momentarily- Apply two coats of Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara to each eyeYou’ll be amazed at how much more your lashes will POP and just how thick, full and long they will look now! I certainly won’t ever stop using this primer/mascara duo!While I can’t speak to the regular mascara, using this lash primer with the Covergirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara, I have always had a very, very slight amount of smudging under my eyes even without using the primer.Removal at the end of the night is super easy, too. I use a double cleanse whenever I am removing makeup and start with my mascara first by applying a few drops of cleansing oil to my fingertip and massaging it over my lashes. The primer and the waterproof mascara I use comes right off. Then I wipe the eye area with a cotton round before moving on with the rest of my nightly facial cleanse. Easy peasy!
  • After losing my hair, most of my eyelashes and eyebrows to chemo 3 years ago, I've been hoping to find something to help my eyelashes look fuller, as I had lush long lashes before the chemo.This product does just that!By applying the white first, it gives the black mascara something to hold onto, lengthening my eyelashes to where I'm much more comfortable.I'll order several more to have on hand, as THIS is now my mascara!!
  • This has been my go to for years. Every time I fall for another $30 tube with a sexy name I always regret straying because this mascara simply works and stays put. It doesn’t dry up and flake for me and it doesn’t smudge or transfer when my eyelids get oily. It makes my lashes look ridiculously long and full to the point people always ask where I get my lashes done. I’m never really sure how to take that lol but when I tell them it’s my lashes and just this mascara they’re blown away! When I don’t wear mascara it doesn’t even look like I have eyelashes lol I hate it! I always get this in black and this is the first time I’ve gotten the primer. I honestly do not think it does anything. I don’t see a difference. I put it on one eye and not the other and they looked the same for me. The one thing that was kind of annoying though was trying to be sure to cover all the white up…so I don’t really see the point in the primer. It just made me have to comb and separate my lashes double the time I’d normally have to. My mascara also didn’t stay on longer on that eye with the primer so not sure what the point of that stuff is…other than to snatch people’s money lol. LOVE this brand and this will remain a staple for me especially at 1/3 price of the sexy named mascaras!
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  • MAX OUT LASHES: Designed to max out every lash, Lash Blast Volume Mascara creates ten times more volume instantly
  • MAX OUT LASHES: Designed to max out every lash, Lash Blast Volume Mascara creates ten times more volume instantly
  • ZERO CLUMPS: Volumizing mascara evenly coats each lash with no clumping or flaking
  • HEALTHIER LASHES: Primer contains nourishing argan, jojoba, and coconut oils to strengthen and condition lashes
  • CRUELTY-FREE: COVERGIRL products are Leaping Bunny Certified by Cruelty-Free International, meaning they are never tested on animals
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