Covergirl Exhibitionist Uncensored Waterproof Mascara, Extreme Black, 0.3 Fl Oz - REVIEW

  • I have had many struggles with mascara over the years - I swear, every single kind I try, I find clumpy and it smudges under my eyes. This mascara is seriously awesome!! It does NOT clump, and it does NOT smudge. Like, for real!!
  • Many mascaras make my eyes burn when I first apply them.This did not.It really is waterproof as well.It went on smoothly and stayed on.Went on smoothly without clumping. Yea!I do wish the tube were a little larger.
  • This is the initial impression of the mascara.It has been used twice. The mascara goes on easily and provides a fuller look to the eyelashes.The mascara stayed all day.Please keep mind this is under normally circumstances.There was no physical activity to test how waterproof.Will continue to use the mascara and would recommend it.
  • This is a good quality mascara, similar at the one I’ve been using for many years from Covergirl , and what it makes it outstanding is the brush, which allows to spread the mascara evenly to get an intense, or natural look, depending of the hour of the day, or the mood, I’m in. The secret is the amount of layers one applies, I’m using only one, because this product is dark and thick, and the ‘natural’ look is what I prefer during the day. But I like the option of by just adding another layer achieving a more dramatic look for nights. I also like that while being worn, it didn’t smear or peel off.
  • I've worn this mascara a few times now, and really like it. It covers and extends my rather fine lashes. It lasts for hours with no smearing or clumping at all. A product I'd use again.
  • This is good volume mascara that is very waterproof.It comes out very wet so I wipe the excess on tissue before applying.If I don’t, all the curl will disappear from my lashes & they will be straight.You need to use a makeup remover or a strong Micellar water to remove this without damaging your lashes.Don’t rub your lashes or they may break.
  • Ok, truth be told I rarely use waterproof mascara. I'm a soap & water girl so having to take out & use make-up remover (which I then wash off with soap & water afterwards anyway) is kind of a pain in the butt. However, even I must admit there are times when waterproof mascara really is a must-have (i.e. weddings & funerals). But these occasions aside, I have a short walk from when I park my car & walk to the office. If it's raining, there's nothing worse than that dark shadow under your eyes if you didn't use waterproof mascara. So I was curious to know if this Covergirl Exhibitionist waterproof mascara was the real deal. Today we have flurries so the only make-up I put on was this mascara. I then took the dogs for a walk - no umbrella, no hat. Upon return? Eyes looked like I had just put on mascara. Not a smudge or shadow to be seen. I'll admit, it's impressive and perhaps worth the extra effort of using a make-up remover after all. Now, the color is fine and as you'll see in the pics, my lashes didn't clump or stick together. However (and this is important), I did have to run the wand through a paper towel 1st as a lot of mascara comes out. The brush is nice & straight (I don't like curved brushes) and I did not need to separate my lashes as I've had to do in the past with other mascaras. Bottom line, it's not a mascara I'd use every day but I would use it if the forecast calls for rain or snow. It's a little pricier than other Covergirl mascaras but considering that I won't be using it every day, I expect it will last a long time which then justifies the cost.
  • I've tried the both versions of this new mascara from cover girl. This version is waterproof. It does not flake or smudge easily (unless you apply oil or eye makeup remover). It has good waterproof properties. However, I do prefer the non-waterproof mascara as it makes my lashes fuller and longer. Plus, if you accidentally get a little of this mascara on your skin, it is more difficult to correct the mistake. Both version do come with a long, high quality brush. And, to me, both versions are pricey when compared to other, comparable products. 4 stars overall.
  • The only thing I didn't like when I received the package the mascara package was open. The mascara wasn't dried out happy about that and it give beautiful volume and length. Think I'll be sticking to this mascara.
  • This is the best waterproof mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes. It doesn't flake, clump or smudge and it stays on all day. It comes off with an oil based makeup remover that I use. In the picture, I used 3 coats of mascara after I curled them.I love that this mascara holds the curl and dramatically lengthens my lashes. I find that applying the coats while the mascara is still wet sets better too.
  • was recommended from a friend, and I really love the product, only difficulty is removing it at night however goes on very nice a last all day
  • This mascara tics all the boxes. Thick, luscious lashes, zero flakes, no smudge, easily removed, and Covergirl is now creulty free! I've tried everything from Lancome to ELF, this one tops them all.
  • This mascara gives me spider lashes which I want those some days but most not. I will say however, even after a night out this mascara was still going strong! Smudge Proof at its finest!
  • Stays on with minimal flaking towards the end of the evening. Pain to get off tho BUT it stays on!
  • Love love love love love. Falsies in a tube. This will be my go to ride or die mascara from now on.
  • I have very short lashes and this mascara is great. I wasn’t expecting to be as happy as I am considering the price but thought I’d give it a try. It does come out clumpy on the brush but that’s easy to wipe off before applying. With two coats I can actually see my lashes! The best part is that it really is waterproof, stays on all day, no smudging. It does take a few extra rubs to remove though. I’m happy with this purchase and will buy again.
  • I got this because my regular mascara would sweat off during gymnastics and I needed something that would last. Usually I don’t take it off until a few days because it's easy to build on and isn’t clumpy. Even though it’s waterproof it’s comes off easily with Micellar water.
  • I love the color, the consistency of the mascara. The brush stays non clumpy. The lashes look good from the moment I put it on until I take it off at night. No smudging, unless I rub my eyes. No crumblies from the mascara. Came off easily with my eye makeup remover. I was really impressed with this formula and the brush included.
  • It works well and goes on smoothly. I use a light coat and then a eyelash brush to even out the lashes. It lasts all day and I had no problem removing it with a facial wipe. It is a small size so can easily be carried in a purse or bag if needed. You won't need to apply it later in the day because it definitely will last all day long. I do think its a little pricey for Covergirl brand, but overall it works well just like its intended to do.
  • This Covergirl mascara definitely gives volume to your lashes in a waterproof formula with no clumping.Easy to apply in a few strokes.Did not do much for my lashes in terms of lengthening, but got the full lash look.
  • This mascara makes my eyelashes look fuller and longer compared to other mascaras I’ve tried.I really like it!I applied it in light coats and let it dry in between and was careful to have a q-tip handy to wipe off any extra mascara that got on my lids, brow area or underneath my eyes, as it’s waterproof.I have used another mascara that looks almost as thick and stays on my eyelashes, but I had to apply a fiber serum to thicken them first. This mascara is superior because it’s a one-step process.I think the price is a little high for this product, but it depends on what you want out of a mascara.
  • This Covergirl exhibitionist mascara - in waterproof, extreme black - works well for me. I wear contact lenses, so I'm always on the lookout for a good waterproof mascara that stays put, yet can be removed with decent ease with micellar water at night when the contacts come out. This mascara has a nice, decently poofy wand that allows for it to go on easily with no clumps, and while it doesn't necessarily create an overly dramatic look, it still makes my lashes stand out and look longer and fuller with a few swipes with a more natural look than some other mascaras. The "extreme black" is a rich black color, and it stays on my lashes without smudging on all the wrong places through the day. More importantly, I can still take it off with relative ease with my micellar water makeup remover at night, so I'm reasonably happy with it. I don't notice any crumbling or little black bits around my eyes throughout the day, either (some waterproof mascaras sometimes do this to me, for some weird reason). On the whole, it's a great waterproof mascara and a good go-to for me for daily wear. It gets two thumbs up from me!
  • Normally I look for mascara that gives me the longest lashes possible. When I look for waterproof mascara, my emphasis is on not clumping and truly being waterproof so it doesn't run or flake off. This Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara does not give me a false eyelash look but it does add some length and volume. It is very deeply hued which I like. It doesn't clump and I use two to three coats. I apply before it dries, not after, when layering. Once dry, this mascara is definitely waterproof. I showered with it on and there was no running, dripping, flaking, or disappearing. I will wear this when I go to the pool or on the boat but it isn't an everyday mascara for me because I like more length and volume. This gives more natural looking lashes but they definitely are waterproof and that is my main concern.The tube is small and easy to toss into a bag. Removal requires oil or eye makeup remover. Regular cleanser won't get the job done and will pull at your eyelashes. In all, not my everyday fave but one I will wear when I am by or in water so I don't have to worry about it running down my face if and when I get wet.
  • (Reviewed by my wife):*Goes on smooth and does not leave any clumps;*Stays on all day;*waterproof;*Smaller sized so you can carry it in your purse easily
  • The mascara is waterproof and it stays on for a very long time until its taken off. I highly suggest removing it with eye makeup remover over soap and water. It comes off cleanly and easily this way. I do wish I had an option of blackish-brown as the black is a bit harsh for my coloring, but it isn't a game changer for use. All in all it isn't bad, I would also suggest LIGHT coats as it dries, because it can mark up your upper lids if you open up your eyes too much as it dries.
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  • ALL DAY, EVERY DAY: Long-lasting 24-hour formula takes your look from day to night; mascara available in waterproof and non-waterproof formulations
  • BIG, BOLD, SHOW-STOPPING VOLUME: Infused with lash-loving coconut and jojoba oils for hydration and volume
  • NO FLAKING OR SMUDGING: Just full, defined lashes
  • CRUELTY-FREE: COVERGIRL products are Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International, meaning they’re never tested on animals
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