DF Lash Extension Volume Lashes Extension 0.03 CC Curl 8-15mm Mixed Tray Individual lash Extensions Classic Lash Extensions Soft Matte Black Single Eyelashes Professional Salon Use - REVIEW

  • These lashes are good for the price and very dark. I don’t like how it doesn’t come with numbers on the lashes. Also when you pull the lashes of the strip it has a weird c curl at the base.
  • The media could not be loaded. i love these trays, i’ve been using them for months now but recently they have been super inconsistent. one tray will be perfect but the other one will be super sparse and won’t pick up well at all. it’s like there is too much glue holding the lashes to the strip and when i pick it up i get a tone of lashes that won’t pick up. i know it’s not my tweezer bc like i showed in the video the other strip pick up perfectly! i’ve gotten a few trays like this and it’s becoming annoying since i have to get rid of a whole tray bc of this issue.
  • My daughter ordered this after watching a few videos on lash extensions and reading some reviews on products. She is a beginner but did great with this kit. Very easy to use and decent quality for the price.
  • Using for eyelash extensions in my salon and these are great for clients or to use for practice
  • Love love love these. Will these lash extensions they do not give out a plastic look not to hard to take off the strip very soft will purchase again
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  • 【Separate Base & Single Lash】When you remove the lashes, the root is spread out, it does not stick together, beasuse it is single lash but not easy fan. Compared with easy fan, this volume single lash extension pinch by yourself, the root is more slender, can form a thicker and more natural look, we recommend 0.1mm or less can be used to pinch to make a fan.
  • 【Premium Material】Dreamflower volume lash extension is made of high quality black PBT material, matte black with no blue tint; very soft, lightweight, natural, and comfortable to use. It is the best option for eyelash extensions.
  • 【Stable Curl】Our lash extensions keep their curls, these classic lash extensions have been double heated, not easy to loose curl, waterproof and not easy to deform, the single lash extensions can keep its curl more than 1 year. We have different curls make your eyes looks so charming.
  • 【No Glue Residue】The single eyelashes sit on a specially designed glue strip, leaving no residue and no kinks, the lash extensions are easy to peel off. All come with a foil back, and the foil strips are easy to remove from the base. The strip is also removable and waterproof.
  • 【Professional Salon Use】Eyelash extension is the best option for advanced lash artists as well as intermediate artists and lash beginners who want to make or pick up fans
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