Designer Skin LVX 55X Bronzer High DHA & Erythrulose Bronzers Experienced DHA Tanners Ultra-Selective Silicone 13.5oz - REVIEW

  • I'm kind of fair skinned but tan easy. I have tried it all from jwoww to 14k. I tried this and instantly fell in love with it. I produced a great TAN! 10/10
  • I find it comical how many people whine about things that can easily be avoided. I LOVE this lotion, its worth every penny. Its a gradual color lotion so that means you dont shower for a few hours afterwards. Secondly I've never experienced orange hands with this product, and with any lotion that has that potential of staining your hands USE GLOVES - DUH.Also am I the only one that knows the importance of keeping healthy hydrated skin exfoliated to get the most of your tan? Everyone complaining sounda like a bunch of tanning newbs. Look your spending money on tanning and on tanning lotion, do your research, know your body and stop expecting miracles to make up for your lack knowledge and/or experience.The scent is a nice soft citrus scent and NO ATO!!I tan 4x a week in a level 3 or 4 bed, i also have spots of hypopigmentation and this lotion has helped bring back pigmentation in those areas.
  • This tanninglotion is expensive but it really works. It’s definitely cheaper on Amazon than it is in a tanning salon. Buy it… you won’t be disappointed!
  • Excellent color, quickly and long lasting.I've tried them all, this is one of my favs!
  • I have AweStruck, Gold Rush 14k, Misbehaved and my LVX is my all time favorite! Definitely my new favorite and will purchase again. Product was authentic & the price was reasonable. Shipping took forever! But five star bronzing lotion on the market!
  • I absolutely love this lotion, it gave me such great color. I would highly recommendthis lotion.
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