Designer Skin Misbehaved 13.5 oz - REVIEW

  • If you're an experienced tanner, you know to have your handy-dandy baby wipes with you to immediately - I said immediately - wipe your hands very good BEFORE you get in the bed.That is before, not AFTER your tanning session and the lotion is now dry. This is like drying a stain into a shirt.This includes between your fingers.This includes under your nails.This includes your cuticles.You could also wear latex/nitrile gloves, which is what I do. Then, I dab a little on the back of my hands with my little towel I have.Any product that has bronzer, and especially DHA, will stain. Don't be shocked when it does and you don't follow standard procedures to avoid this.If your able to follow a couple of simple steps above like the ones above, you too, can have soft, glowing and amazingly tan skin like other Designer Skin product users.I have a chronic, very painful AI inflammatory disorder that involves my skin, too. UVB rays can sometimes help calm/slow the evil protein growth down.My skin is tore up, swells and literally splits open. This doesn't even make it burn - I was really fearful of that, and so happy when it didn't.All of the add'l skin conditioners/softeners made me immediately fall in love with it.My skin, especially on my face, hasn't felt so soft in two years. It almost makes me feel good again.This AI is a life changer, and sucks - to find something that makes you feel good about something that is affected has been great!
  • I love that this provided the bronzing effect I wanted as ell as being a moisturizer.
  • I have to say, after getting burned with fakes lately, that this seller knows their stuff! This is the real deal no fake!!! I love this lotion the most out of the DS line. I tried the 2022 Supernova & was not impressed. This and the Lux gets me the darkest of all others. Thank you for delivering nothing but the best! Get it you’ll love it!
  • The ONLY reason this product is worth it’s price, is bc, as someone who lays in the tanning bed often, and prefers to be dark all year round, It’s hard for me to find a lotion that will continue to make me darker.
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