ettusais Eye Edition (Mascara Base) Transparent Black Mascara Base Waterproof 6g - REVIEW

  • I use this base after curling my eyelashes. It really keeps my lashes curly for hours! When I'm going for a natural look, using only the base would do the job. Remember not to put too much on your lashes, otherwise they would look weird and ashy. One layer would do the job wonderfully!
  • This was the best eyelash product I have every used!My features are small and delicate and my eye lashes are thin and short. The traditional mascara has always been difficult for me to apply without getting the mascara somewhere else other than my lashes.I am developing a habit of using this as the mascara altogether as it looks great and so easy to use.
  • Such a great product! Keeps my curl and I don’t even need to wear mascara on top sometimes!
  • Love the product! And i would say it is my favorite mascara among all others that i have got.
  • I just received this about an hour ago and immediately applied it to my eyelashes after curling them. I have very short lashes. Although I did have a lash lift recently. So far it is very clean, simplistic, minimalist, and makes my lashes appear longer yet very natural and pretty. I cannot comment on whether it will smudge or not or last 24 hours, I will leave that for a future update, I suppose. It is very unique because it has a small comb wand that has nice fibers which lengthen and it applied uniformly. It is not a heavy mascara. Therefore, there is no clumpiness. It does not drag either or build up. It is not obvious and feels natural, and I think it is fool proof. So far so good!
  • Some Asian makeup YouTuber highly recommended it. It’s a mascara base, but wow! After this, I don’t even wear mascara! It’s so easy to apply on and natural, and looks great! So I immediately purchased a second one just in case!
  • Since I have using Etuse, I stopped using another mascara. Etuse makes my eyelashes look long and very natural!
  • Amazing mascara for stubborn straight lashes, holds a curl all day and the tiny brush is great for getting into the corners and my lower lashes. Doesn't feel super heavy and doesn't clump up easily, the comb keeps my lashes separate during application. I have super oily eyelids so most mascaras will end up smudging all over my eyes and give me serious raccoon eye at the end of the day, but not this one! Only downside is that it's hard to build up this product because of the comb brush, takes me a lot of time to get multiple coats in, but it's great for a more natural look.
  • I can't believe this works as well as it does. It's like watching your lashes grow in a sense. A lot of lash extension/base come out white grey, but this is all black and natural fibres. It's very easy to use and no clumps.The only issue is that since it's black to begin with so I forgot to apply mascara afterward, after a while it turned white/ grey and funny looking.
  • I use this mascara religiously since it’s so natural but yet lengthening. It’s also great for bottom lashes as well given the shape of the wand.
  • A natural and light mascara. The color is light black and there are some hair or fibre to extend your lash.
  • I bought this with expectation that it will give my mascara a longer wear but this provides more than that! It has these little fibers to extend my lashes, and also give them a darker tint. You can honestly just wear this as a mascara alone. Also, I love the lift it can give to my straight lashes.
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