Eveline Cosmetics Multi-purpose Eyelash Serum Total Action 8 in 1, 0.33 Fluid Ounce - REVIEW

  • As you get older you tend to lose some hair from your eyelashes or eyebrows. I've been using castor oil for them and have seen results however, this serum for lashes has not impressed me much yet. I've been using mainly at night when I go to bed. Haven't seen much of a difference but maybe patience is key here. We shall see if when I find finish this little tube if it has made a difference in my eyelashes!
  • You need to use this stuff for 2 months before passing judgement.Full disclosure, I only use this during the daytime. At night I use a syrum or caster oil about 2 to 4 times a week.My lashes are longer, thicker and more filled in. I one coat for natural days and two coats under my mascara for make up days.My lashes have never been this long or plush,,,, ever.If you have flaking, change the mascara. Stick with the Eveline.I drive for a living and my female customers often comment on my lashes being long.
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  • Intensive care for weakened and brittle eyelashes
  • The serum acts in 8 areas
  • visibly reinforces and improves eyelashes condition
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