Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara - REVIEW

  • I LOVE this mascara. Have worn it for about a year now. I went to Orlando last year at the end of July, it was humid hell. My mascara never ran!
  • I’ve been searching for a mascara that doesn’t flake and won’t come off in water. This mascara fit those requirements. The only pitfall is that it is very hard to get off. Oil based makeup removers work best but it is still hard to get off everything. If you want mascara that doesn’t budge, this is for you but know that it is a chore to get off.
  • I have one of those lengthening mascaras that I love, and applying this on top actually still made my lashes water proof. I was happily surprised. Great product.
  • It goes on perfectly. Not clumpy. Stays on all day and doesn't make them look too think or too long.I will be making this my regular mascara.
  • I was wearing my mascara below my eyes on most days looking like a raccoon. I tried several different brands. Beach mascara worked! I’ll buy it again!
  • I have chronically oily skin and can never keep mascara on my eyes for a full day, even with primer and in the best conditions. This week I am on vacation in Costa Rica. Today we spent the full day in the jungle on an ecological tour. The tour ended at a pristine beach where we swim in the ocean before hiking back out of the jungle. I was completely drenched with sweat all day and used a light, gauze cloth to blot and rub my face and eyes throughout the day. We just arrived back at our condo and I went to take a shower and saw that my mascara looked nearly as good as it did this morning when I put it on. I used eye primer, but that’s it. I have never found a mascara that stayed on like this one does. I am completely blown away and cannot recommend this product highly enough.
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