Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara - REVIEW

  • Many complaints are because the colored mascaras don’t show up. If you use a white primer, the colors show up beautifully! Without them, yes, your lashes just look black, which is kind of like getting two colors in one tube. I like the curved wand and the tube-I ordered 3 and all tubes came fully filled.I liked how it applies; it’s not too dry or too wet and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive allergy eyes. It stays on all day, my lashes didn’t lose curl, and it came off easily with just warm water and a washcloth. Purchased blue and brown, and have ordered green. Will keep purchasing! :)
  • I have been using this for several years. Does not run and is easy to take off with micellar water. My only complaints are that by the end of the day it starts to flake off, and it will dry out in the tube. The latter is ok with me though. I just add a few drops of contact solution every so often.
  • One of the very few green mascaras. I apply it to my lower lashes and it brings out the green in my eyes. Does not smudge
  • I have short lashes.I am a middle aged mom who has tried discount brand, name brand, lots of different brands of mascara.Issues with prior mascaras: flaking, not lengthening, clumping, transfer to the skin under my eyes when I smile (I hate this one!).I got a sample of this brand from Ipsy a few years back and loved it but shied away from purchasing a full tube because of the price.Fast forward after trying multiple brands and not feeling like I got my money’s worth.This stuff lasts, doesn’t transfer, comes off with my makeup remover wipes and I love the results more than any other brand.
  • I can usually use a mascara for at least a few months before it runs out.I’ve only been using this for a few weeks (maybe 2-3 times per week) and I’m already running out.It does have a nice dark purple color and goes on pretty well, with a few clumps but not many.
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