Eyeko Rock Out and Lash Out Mascara, Black - REVIEW

  • I have very sensitive eyes when it comes to mascara! This does not make my eyes itch after a long day,easy to remove and fantastic length ! Literally touches my eyebrows 😍 I tuck the tube into my shorts when getting ready so when it's time to do mascara the tube is kinda warm . Makes applying mascara effortlessly easy! Great mascara!
  • I received this as a gift from a friend. I love the actual mascara, but the brush is a really weird shape. The thin middle part doesn’t get “wiped” when you pull the brush out, so it coats heavier than the rest of the brush. I tend to angle the brush and use the big end vertically instead. Also, I’m terrible about removing my makeup before bed and usually only wear mascara and eyeliner anyhow, but the next morning my mascara is still on point. It never gets smudged under my eyes!
  • Love this mascara, does not ‘run’, smudge or smear!Just the right amount of volume and length for me!
  • I got a sample of this in my Ipsy bag. Loved it so much that I needed the full size.
  • I originally got a sample size of this n a monthly make up box I get.I combine my mascara with a primer first but this mascara is amazing!The shape of the brush reaches all the lashes at once.It’s shaped more like a barbell and not just curved.It really gives me added length.I highly recommend
  • This is the BEST. I normally buy from Ulta but they were sold out. This mascara can last for days. I went camping on a Friday and was unable to remove is. It was still in place on Sunday when I got home and LOOKED GREAT. It come off easily with hot water.
  • literally best mascara ever, you can CRY in it and it won’t run down your face, even tho it’s not waterproof !! keeps hold and doesn’t feel heavy, i sleep in it and you don’t wake up looking like a raccoon, worth the price 100%!!(i don’t put it on my bottom lashes so i don’t know how that will be if you cry)
  • With the money. Got this in my ipsy and didn’t mind paying for it again out of my pocket
  • I really like this Mascara. I have never used this item in the past but thought, for the price, I’d try it! I am Happy I did. The wand and tube is a little different but easy to use. My lashes NEVER clump together when using this item. I do have to apply several coats, but I like the finished results. I would say semi-water proof as it comes off fairly easily with a gentle cleansing but not with sweating. I will buy this again.
  • This mascara is my favorite! I love that it comes off easily, yet I can sleep in it and it stays perfect! No other mascara I’ve tried in my years of using mascara can I sleep in and still wake up looking like a beauty queen! And the way it stays on in my sleep you would think that it would be a pain to come off but NO! No harsh rubbing required. I won’t go with any other mascara if I can for the rest of my life. Btw I love the squishy squeeze tube but it kinda makes me nervous that I am going to pinch the brush bristles down and ruin them so just take it easy! Thanks for reading
  • The brush is skinny in the middle. I like the mascara but it's hard to get much on because of the brush. I like the lift and curl better.
  • This product makes.my lashes look long and full, without looking cakey or overdone. It lasts all day and washes off easily with soap and water.
  • I’m in my third tube of this mascara it’s my favorite. The price has gone up a little but what haven’t.
  • Best mascara I've ever tried the brush is unique and phenomenal gets all the small hairs and the mascara doesn't flake hours after
  • I LOVE this mascara. I recieved it as a trial sample and never looked back. People actually ask me if I wear falsies or curl my lashes because it looks so good! The wand is perfect for application and for giving fullness and some curl to your lashes. And I swear this adds so much length, too. I'm never going back.
  • I love this mascara. It looks great and doesn’t smear even in Mississippi heat. Even though it is water proof, it comes off easily!!
  • This has become my favorite mascara.It has my lashes looking naturally long and luscious.I have received a lot of compliments since using this mascara.DO NOT stop making or change the formula!!!!
  • I love this mascara. I am a strawberry blonde type person so my eyelashes are very light. This mascara does great in not clumping and I love the wand. It has bristles that really help to separate and lengthen. I obtained my first use of this mascara as a sample somewhere. I fell in love with it and was so happy to see that Amazon carried it. I live on a fixed income, Im 65 so I’ve tried a lot of different mascaras. I will spend the money for this one.I finally found a good one. 😊
  • I buy this consistently. Hard to come off but that’s also why I love it. Only negative the tube drys out fast
  • This is the one and only mascara that I use anymore. No smudge and comes off like a dream, without taking lashes with it!
  • I originally got this in an Ipsy bag order and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It stays in all day and is easy to wash off. Some mascaras get really flakey but this one doesn’t. It makes my lashes look super long and application is so easy!
  • As many other mascaras as I try I always go back to this. It gives lightweight length and doesn't clump in the slightest!
  • Been using for a long time.I assumed it was waterproof because it doesn’t smudge or run at all and i have allergic, teary eyes all the time. I use an oil based facial cleanser or balm to get it off.I was just ordering again and did a double take that it doesn’t claim to be waterproof because it really stays!Fooled me!My eyes water a lot due to allergies and it does not come off with tears.
  • This mascara is great. It has great coverage, and doesn’t flake off in my eyes.
  • My eyelashes are light, short, and flat. So I've looked for an everyday mascara that will make my eyelashes dark, make them a little longer, keep a curl, and won't clump. And this is it! This mascara:> is dark and pigmented> lengthens but not so much it looks weird> clumps a little but only sometimes (and I'm pretty sure there's no mascara in existence that never ever clumps at all)> Doesn't smudge or flake offSome tips:> You can avoid clumping by warming the mascara up before using it. You can do this with just a little body heat, so you can do it by sticking it in your bra or something for a minute.> The formula is not super liquid-y so it won't really get the topside of your lashes. Do a light coat on the topside before curling and you should be good.> It holds a curl better/longer if you curl after putting it on but before it's completely dried.
  • Please bring this back. It’s an amazing product and I want a subscription for it yesterday.
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