Lash Serum, Eyelash Growth Serum, Eyelash Serum, Lash Serum for Eyelash Growth, Boost Lash Growth Serum, Advanced Formula for Longer, Fuller, and Thicker Lashes, 3 ML - REVIEW

  • This product actually works! I have heard of people spending hundred dollars for a product like this! I have notice growth in eyelash’s, now they look amazing even without mascara!
  • I have been using this for a few weeks and have noticed a difference! Recommend (:
  • I have been using this product for almost a month and I have seen real growth results. My lashes are small but this lash serum has made them longer and stronger. I will continue to order from them. I definitely recommend!!
  • I didn't expect this to have any effect on eyelash growth but it surprised me. I've noticed that I have thicker and fuller lashes after only a week of usage.
  • Had some lashes break off and have been using this for a couple of weeks and am seeing growth!
  • What I liked about this product was it was very easy to apply after washing my face every evening and in the morning before playing make up. It seems to have made a big difference in my lashes in just a few weeks very impressed with the product I highly recommend it.
  • I am trying to grow my lashes and am very sensitive to a lot of products. I am on my first purchase. So far no eye irritation and I believe I am seeing some progress on my lashes.
  • I usually get lash extensions but decided to take a break & most of my natural lashes have came off so decided to try this serum & it works. My lashes have grown out in just a few weeks
  • This product has been working very well for me and i’ve been seeing more thickness/length in my lashes after using it for 2 weeks. Before I was using the Grande lash serum and I did not see as good results. It also gave me tinny bumps on my eye lids, but this product on the other hand as not irritated my eyes at all even after accidentally putting it directly on my eye. Definitely recommend this serum and can’t wait for future results for my lashes.
  • This is so affordable compared to other lash serums I have gotten and so far it has been working, when I am consistent. Definitely will buy again.
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  • LONGER AND THICKER LASHES: Our Eyelash Growth Serum is packed with advanced ingredients that are gentle and soothing, which promote lash growth and increase lash length and thickness. The lash serum's ingredients penetrate deep into the lash follicles, stimulating lash growth and nourishing them from the root.
  • NOTICEABLE RESULTS: With continuous use for 3-4 weeks, you will notice that your lashes have become longer, thicker, and fuller than ever before. Our advanced lash serum formula is designed to work quickly and effectively, delivering visible results that you can see in the mirror.
  • STRONGER LASHES: Our eyelash growth serum contains nourishing ingredients, which help to strengthen your lashes from root to tip, making them less prone to breakage and fallout. With regular use, your lashes will become stronger and healthier.
  • PROTECTING HAIR FOLLICLES: Nutrients in our eyelash growth serum can promote local blood circulation, enhance hair follicle metabolism, improve hair follicle vitality, protect hair follicles, strengthen the hair medulla, and provide a safe growth environment for the eyelashes.
  • EASY-TO-USE APPLICATOR: Our eyelash serum comes with an easy-to-use applicator that allows you to apply the eyelash serum effectively, ensuring maximum results. The applicator brush is thin and pointed, making it easy to apply the serum.
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