Eyelash Growth Serum, Get Thick, Strong Lashes in Just 3-4 Weeks with Our Plant-Based Eyelash Growth Serum - No Parabens or PG (5 ML) - REVIEW

  • Great product! I bought for my mom who has been struggling with eyebrow and eyelash loss.She has used it for 4 weeks and it is amazing!
  • My eyebrows are terrible. I am a kid of the 90s and we all over plucked our eyebrows. I have been trying to let them just grow out for years with no luck. After using this product for a few weeks, I could absolutely see a difference.
  • I've tried multiple other eyebrow serums and this one is by far the best quality and value! Noticeably thicker/fuller eyebrows and you can tell there's a fair amount of product in the tube.
  • I’ve tried almost all affordable brow growth serums, and this one actually works very well and quickly!
  • I have loved this eyelash serum! I’ve been using it since May and have seen great results. I use it on my eyelashes every other night and on my eyebrows every night. I’ve seen great improvements on both!
  • I have purchased this twice. It works as well as the name brand product that is much more expensive. I was using that previously, but got tired of the high price. I can see no difference and my wallet is 😊.
  • Great product! I noticed prior to purchasing this that my eye lashes on my left eye were very thin, short, or missing in spots.I have thyroid issues so missing hair/lashes are common. My eyes are sensitive to smells and chemicals so I have to be very careful what I use. There was no smell or stinging. I used this for about a week and 1/2 to 2 weeks when I started to see results. I couldn’t believe it was working so fast! I have healthier, fuller,longer lashes than I have ever had. Extremely please!!
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  • Achieve Naturally Voluminous Lashes: Our plant-based lash growth serum is packed with peptides and amino acids that turbocharge the production of keratin, the key structural protein of hair. The result? Longer, stronger, and fuller lashes that resist breakage, damage, and loss.
  • See Results Fast: Our advanced eyelash growth serum enhances the appearance of thin or brittle lashes so they look longer and fuller. Meanwhile, botanical extracts promote new hair growth, helping to fill-in sparse or patchy lid lines in as little as 3-4 weeks.
  • Gentle Once-Daily Formula: Our serum contains no prostaglandin analogues, BPA, or parabens to irritate eyes or skin. Using the brush applicator cap, apply a thin line of our serum along upper and lower lash lines at nighttime after removing makeup and cleansing eyelashes. Please do not use our serum more than once a day.
  • Made in the USA: Our eyelash serum is made in accordance with stringent quality control protocols, ensuring that you get a high-quality product that delivers results. With lush, dramatic looking lashes that give eyes instant allure, you may find yourself the envy of your friends and the object of affection for many.
  • Perfect Gift for Her: Our tastefully packaged eyelash serum makes a thoughtful birthday or Mother’s Day gift for your girlfriend, wife, or mother. It gently and naturally fortifies and enhances her lashes, using plant peptides to hydrate and nourish them to peak fullness, length, and shine.
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