Black Tint Kit 2 in 1, Professional Semi-Permanent Eyelash & Eyebrow Kit, Lasting for 6 Weeks DIY Hair Dying for Salon Home Use 7ml (Black) - REVIEW

  • Good product, easy instructions. Product works. I just did it so unsure of lasting results, second pic is after I showered. Beware, burns like all hell if you get it on the rim of eye. You should đź’Ż put Vaseline on skin all around eyes first, it doesn't advise this but itll save you from looking like a dalmation
  • I watched YouTube videos how to lift and tint and got wonderful results. The instructions are pretty limited on the box. I have blonde straight lashes. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. Of course you have to be extremely careful since you’re working around the eyes. I got a little bit of dye in one eye and it burned but it went away after some blinking. And don’t get them wet for 48 hours for better lasting results. That’s another thing not in the instructions but on every YouTube video I watched. I’ll definitely be buying this again!
  • This was very simple to use. Mix, apply, wait, wash off.Beware the fumes can make your eyes water and become a total mess haha speaking from experience. Just go slow.It was more time consuming- but easier for me to do the top and bottom lashes separately.It gives a nice dark tint. I imagine this would be life changing for people with very light color lashes.Definitely worth the money as you’ll get many many uses from one kit.
  • It does exactly what it says it does,easy to use, no mess, no irritation and I have sensitive eyes. I used it on my brows and lashes. Will last a long time but will buy again!
  • I have blonde eyelashes and this product was perfect for what I was looking for and the pigment lasted a long time.
  • if you are considering this BUY IT!!! I never use mascara anymore and it’s perfect for getting ready quickly. DONT GET IT IN YOUR EYES THO. it hurts SO bad. but it’s easy to use and super cute.
  • This worked great and was easy for me to use. The only thing I would change is that it didn’t have the under eye protectors hat have been included in other lash kits. So I did find that it got in my skin. If you are sensitive this could be a problem.
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  • 2 IN 1 KIT: Just one kit can meet your needs for lash and brow coloring. Available in muti-using demands, 2-in-1 kit makes your eyelashes and eyebrows look fuller, thicker and charming.
  • NATURAL LOOKING EFFECT: The kit is waterproof and sweatproof. Formulated with professional non-irritating coloring ingredients, natural and perfectly shaped lashes and eyebrows will be visible at first timing.
  • EASY TO USE: Full professional coloring tools are packed in one box. So following up the manual, you can DIY your own specific coloring lashes and brows within 15 minutes. Have a nice try for yourself!
  • LASTING RESULTS: After applying the lotion well, the effect can be maintained for 6 weeks. Notice: The color may look lighter or darker on different skin shades. Please have a skin test the first time you use! Safely using ensures the effect will stay longer to show your beauty.
  • GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY: One kit with multiple use, it can be used 5 to 6 times. No need to buy the other kit for lash and brow separately. Why not be better and more beautiful with ICONSIGN Beauty? We are always here to help!
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