GladGirl | Lashe EnMasse Mascara for Eyelash Extensions | Oil Free Mascara with Dual-Brush Wand | Made in the USA | Vegan Mascara & Hypoallergenic - REVIEW

  • Really impressed with this product, it doesn’t not smear and works so well with lash extensions. I use this when I’m getting close to a lash fill to extend my lash time, it does not cause my extensions to fall out like oil based mascaras.
  • I really liked how this mascara applies, especially with the two different wands in the tube.Applies smoothly with no clumping and stays well for the duration.Easily removed with lash cleaner and brush.Really like this mascara at a very reasonable price!
  • This mascara is AMAZING. Safe for between lash fills. I get more compliments when I’m using this between fills than I do after a fresh set!
  • Great mascara that removes with water alone. Made for lash extensions specifically and helps maintain your extensions for longer periods of time, my favorite and only mascara. Doesn’t flake off into my eyes!
  • I LOVE this mascara!Comes off easily wth water, nd does not clump on my lash extensions!Very fast shipment and I highly recommend this product!! Thank you!!
  • This mascara seemed to work really well with my eyelash extensions.I workout duringmy lunch and it didn't smear at all.I will definitely continue to use it!!
  • First, let me say that I wasn’t suppose to get my mascara for about two weeks. I got it in 4 days!!!!! So far this is the best lash mascara I have ever used. It’s super light weight and doesn’t flake but still give the appearance of mascara. I didn’t have any trouble at all washing it off. It’s two sided, with two different wands. I willdefinitely buy again!!!!!
  • I was hesitant with this product as I am the first one to write a review for it and rely on reviews when I purchase products.This by far is exactly what it says.From the first time I used it I knew the product was made with great ingredients!I love it because my eyes are not irritated, there is no smell to it, it makes my eyelashes pop and it is long wearing with no smudging.I used it on my own lashes and can't wait to try it on extensions.It is also easily removable.Thanks GladGirl!!!!!
  • Love this mascara. I swear my lashes stay on longer when I use it verses if I don’t. I have been using this product for about 3-4 years now.
  • Used to enhance my eyelash extensions. I've had minimal loss of lashes and it's easy to remove with oil free makeup remover
  • Love this mascara for my lash extensions. Easy to remove without pulling out my lashes.
  • I needed a good mascara that would come off with eyelash extensions easily. This product got some mixed reviews but for me it was perfect. I did not lose even one lash while removing the mascara after a wedding. I will be recommending this to all my friends with lash extensions. Love it!
  • I got my lash extension done at a different place this time and wasnt too happy with the outcome the next day so I ordered this to make them pop a bit more. Used it twice and no issues, add a darker color to my lashes and comes off easy. So far no issue with flaking besides when you wash it off MAJOR RACCOON EYES but its perfect for what I need right now.
  • Love it. I use it on my lash extensions. Comes off easily and no lash fall out/
  • Writing this review under my husband's account. I had nearly given up on trying to find a mascara that wouldn't irritate my eyes. I tried vegan, hypoallergenic, Burts Bees, $50 stuff.I just bared it. Put it on and let my eyes ache all day. At the end of the day, I was just kind of miserable.I finally saw something about oil-free in my searches for non-irritating mascara. I found this one and just decided to try it I was AMAZED!!! This is literally the first time in 10 YEARS I've been able to wear mascara without any irritation or pain! I was just about to give up on wearing mascara altogether. I'm so glad I gave it one more try. This is the only mascara I will be wearing from now on. So glad I finally got to the root of the issue.
  • I had to right a review for this mascara! I wear eyelash extensions but I still like to wear mascara. This mascara makes my lashes pop and doesn’t loosen the adhesive! Love love love this mascara!
  • I wanted to take a break from lash extensions but the growing out process is painful because I have gaps and my lashes were looking sparse.This mascara works perfectly to enhance my lash extensions as well as my natural lashes.My eyelashes look so much better!Growing out my extensions will be a lot less painful.It has two different wands so you can choose which works better for you.The color is great and it washes off easily without having to rub too hard.Exactly what I needed!
  • Love the ease of application. Two different brushes for different looks. Never looks clumpy and washes right off, cleanly, with micellar water.
  • This mascara is the best kind for your eyelashes that are individually set.Also so easy to remove
  • Easy to apply and remove. Water based instead of oil, which will ruin your Lash extensions.
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  • PROTECT AND ENHANCE YOUR EYELASH EXTENSIONS – Our GladGirl oil-free mascara will coat and protect your eyelash extensions by enhancing volume, definition, color and appearance of length in a smooth, smudge-free finish which lasts all day and the life of your false lashes
  • DUAL BRUSH WAND – The dual tipped wand of our eyelash extension mascara comes with a thick brush to create a lush and fuller look and a brush comb to separate your lashes into finer details as you apply and shape your lashes into different styles for any occasion
  • VEGAN & SAFE FOR SENSITIVE EYES – Our vegan mascara is specially formulated to be safe for use with eyelash extensions and customers with sensitive eyes which can be washed off at the end of the day; Lashe EnMasse Mascara is formulated in a cruelty-free process and made in the USA
  • LOVE YOUR LASHES – The black color of our lash extension mascara can be stylishly worn for an intensifying dramatic effect with any type of eyelash extensions such as strip, single, cluster or without extensions to beautify your bare eyelashes on the go
  • NO RISK RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY – We care about your happiness and with over 30 years of experience as beauty industry leaders, we promise to provide you with superior personalized service and warranties on all products
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