Grande Cosmetics GrandeMASCARA Waterproof Conditioning Peptide Mascara - REVIEW

  • I’ve been a die hard better than sex user for years, but I hate the waterproof version so I’ve been searching for something new. I personally love this mascara, I applied it a few times so it gave my lashes good length and zero smudging after sweating like crazy all day which is a god send - I have long lower lashes so anytime I put mascara on them I always end up with black smudges right above the apples of my cheeks and end up messing up my makeup trying to rub it off. So I’m happy with my purchase
  • I’ve bought this mascara for my wife and she absolutely loves it. I personally was impressed with its water resistant performance. It’s great!
  • Grand cosmetics makes some of the best eye products in my personal opinion. The formula, ease of use and longevity are all great. I will continue using and recommending to friends.
  • I felt this mascara worked well. The price point was excellent. I would put this on in the morning and it stayed on at night. Easy to use.
  • I bought the waterproof formula and it is a really good one! I can only use waterproof mascara for my lashes or else my lashes will weigh down. And I have got to say that this formula is amazing! It really does make a noticeable difference on my lashes. It is super build-able and I have no noticed a single flake.
  • This is one of my top 5 favorite mascaras . ( yes I have many) it just makes my lashes pop and the waterproof worka great, during the summer it's not smudged all over my face. 5 stars for product but 3 on the bottle as I am just not a fan of the packaging and brush design.
  • I am rather impressed with this mascara, as it has absolutely zero clumps. Even with a couple layers, it creates a very natural look and it's hard to tell (at least for my husband, lol) that I have mascara on, but my lashes look GREAT. This is the third product I'm using by this company, and I am very happy with their lash serum and their hair serum. Honestly, it's the only reason I was willing to try this mascara, as I'm usually sticking with "tried and true" stuff. I'm so very glad I discovered it though, and the ONLY drawback would be the price.
  • I absolutely love this mascara!! Makes my lashes look long and healthy. No clumps and removes easily.
  • I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never tried it before but I like it so far. It’s pretty good and it makes my lashes thicker and cute
  • Best waterproof mascara I have found in 2 years. So so so so lightweight and easy to remove. First time in a long time I didn't feel like my eyelashes were gonna fall out. Continued to prove over and over so gentle and light and is better than expected!
  • Waterproof but not drying. Lengthens without smudging, caking or clumping, and it’s easy to remove. What more can you ask for?
  • Got this for my wife since we were going to the beach. She said it did a good job staying on! The only time it would smudge is when she would violently rub her eyes (from being tired). Really made her eyes brighter. Lashes looked longer and healthy. Another thing to know is when taking it off it does take a couple tries to remove completely.
  • I, for years have wished for longer fuller lashes and this product gets the job done! This is now the mascara I tell everyone about!
  • I absolutely love this mascara.An oil cleanser works best to gently remove this mascara (like dear Klairs black oil cleanser).I have nice lashes to begin with - in part due to the grande lash serum- but this is so nice. Like a true waterproof mascara, really only lasts 3 months and for hygiene should really only be used for 3 months at most anyways.It’s just really gorgeous.
  • Tears, heat, and humidity proof.I’m on my sixth tube. This mascara is just so good and a decent price point. With lash serum built in. Holy grail level.
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