KISSME HEROINE MAKE Volume and Curl Mascara Super WP from Japan 01 Jet Black - REVIEW

  • This is my new holy grail mascara. All other mascaras suck in comparison. I’ve tried everything from Christian Diorshow, to Better than Sex, to Maybelline, and Cover Girl. Because my lashes go straight down, I always end up with panda eyes. Even if I curl my lashes and use waterproof mascara, I always get smudges. Not this with stuff. It stays put all day and I can even swim with this on and it won’t budge. The only downside is that it can be hard to take off. I use the Lancôme eye makeup remover and that seems to work well.
  • I discovered this on a trip in Japan and this mascara is one of my favorites. It's super affordable and it lasts through humidity, rain, water, etc. It's a little difficult to remove because I didn't know I needed to use an oil based makeup remover until I found the amazon listing.
  • I have trouble finding mascaras that don’t smudge and run.This stuff is insane, it doesn’t budge.I am blown away and love it.Coverage is nice as well, adds some length and volume, not a lot of curl but I don’t need that.The only downside is it is really tough to remove (a result of how waterproof and smudge proof the formula is), but that is a worthy trade for me.
  • I’ve always struggled with smudging and keeping up a curl, but it all changed after trying this mascara! Hands down they best one I’ve ever used! PLEASE NEVER STOP SELLING IT!
  • Still smudges a little but by far the best I've tried. It lasts all day but is kind of a struggle to remove.
  • I was skeptical because of the low price but this really is a great product. I live in a hot, humid environment and usually look like a racoon by the end of the day. This mascara is waterproof, doesn't clump and I take it off easily with baby oil (which I've been using for 20 years to remove mascara - makes your eyelashes long).
  • Smudge proof - absolutelyWater proof - oh yeahEasy to remove - basically you cantVolume - not really, kinda gives cartoon lashes (3 eyelashes on each eye, lol)Length - yes, lashes looked longCurl - didnt noticeColor - jet black & shiny
  • My lashes NEVER hold a curl and go straight down. I apply this ONCE and my lashes did not budge the whole day. It's such a good formula, but to the point where I definitely struggle in taking it off (i do not have oil-based cleanser)
  • I starting using this about a year ago and I loved it. It holds the curl with my straight Asian lashes. I just bought a new one, and I think the formula may have changed. It is less waterproof than before. I am often in the ocean and outdoors and it never used to budge. Now it will start to bleed down a bit. Maybe other people complaining about it being hard to remove made them change the formula.
  • This is the only mascara I use! I have straight asian lashes and Ive tried multiple different products but never worked. This is the best! I recommend it to all. It is bit of a pain to remove but the remover or oil cleanser does the trick!
  • This mascara is THE one waterproof, contact wearers have been waiting for. No irritation or allergy,flakes, dots or smudging after sleeping in it 4 days, just to test. Covergirl Lash Blast waterproofwas my go to for years, but I found this one listening to YouTube waterproof mascara reviews. I brushit on a disposable mascara brush, there's too much on its brush for my skinny l'il lashes. It comes offwith any oily remover product, don't be scared, just start batting!
  • This is the only mascara that will hold a curl all day long on straight, asian lashes.No other mascara compares to this. I continue to go back to this mascara as it is the only one that continually performs as expected. Easy to remove with micellular water with no lash loss.
  • Separates, lengthens, lasts forever. It is hard to take off even with oil based remover. I have allergies and wear glasses, it didn’t bother my eyes.
  • The ONLY mascara that holds a curl for stubborn straight lashes. I will also say that you can absolutely bawl in this mascara and no one will be any wiser. Baby oil easily removes the mascara!
  • This is the only mascara I've found that keeps my eyelashes curled. A tiny bit of smudging on top, but that's probably more related to sunscreen than the product. You will need a waterproof makeup remover, but this is the only mascara I've ever bought more then one of.
  • Love this stuff. Super waterproof. Doesn't come off without the make-up remover they make so be sure to get that too. I love how natural and normal my eyes look with this. Not huge clumpy lashes like some mascara.
  • If you have Asian lashes which are short and straight, this mascara is the solution. I have tried so many waterproof mascaras but none of them was able to hold the curl all day, so I gave up & relied on falsies for years until I found this!! I usually apply 2 coats for more length.
  • I love this mascara! It makes my eyelashes pop and all my regulars love it <3!
  • Super WP Mascaras from Japan and Korea are my favorite.They stay on no matter what and there is never any worry about those smearing, awful, undereye mistakes.I always picture these as wearable on a stage, etc.Although they stay perfectly they have a bit of a plastic texture when dry.I have never experienced any lash damage despite the properties of these mascaras.I do know they need removal with an oil or special mascara remover.Since I discovered these I generally won't buy any other brand.I find many of the US brands to be oily, greasy or smearing.These are definitely a lifesaver for anyone in humidity, water, or any other situation that is very hard on mascara.
  • My lashes are really flat so it’s really hard to find a mascara that doesn’t weigh my lashes down, (I usually curl them before applying) but after applying it makes them longer and more full! The curl is still there even after applying which is great because every time I apply mascara my curl goes away.The only thing I don’t like is that it is very much waterproof, an oil cleanser is not enough to remove the mascara unless I keep rubbing. Another thing is that I can’t apply a second coat.. it’s hard and will clump my lashes together. I don’t mind thought since 1 coat is enough for my lashes.
  • Very good but not for me.It is difficult to remove.I don't have the patience, however, it does what it says it will do and that's why I gave it 5 stars.
  • Okay, I love this mascara but the price now is ridiculous. It used to be $14 now it’s $27. It doubled in price. No thanks, I’ll be searching for a more affordable one.
  • My asian lases are built like hulk and they wont bend. I like the way they apply but i think they are my lashes that dont work on.It does do its job for the first hr but it goes back down and i would have to curl them all over again. But they do work just fine on my bottom lashes and they look fantastic
  • Prior to this purchase, I used this brands long and curl mascara, which I thought was as good as it gets but I do have to say I like this one better. I have short, straight asian lashes and this mascara in conjunction with my shu Mara eyelash curler elongates my lashes, holds a curl for over 24 hours, and adds some volume with just a coat or 2. I’m not heavy on the mascara but even with my light coat it makes a difference. Not as dramatic as I thought but still blows any mascara I’ve used before out of the water including thrive causmetics which smudges a lot. This one gives a more natural look. Only thing is it is hard to remove, but that’s why it’s so effective. Nothing eye makeup remover and a lash wand can’t fix.
  • I'm a dental hygienist.I have to look down all day so my lashes rub against my skin.I pretty much have to wear mascara because my lashes look non existent and they are very thin and light.No other mascara, no matter how smudge-proof or waterproof it claims to be, has worked for me.Raccoon eyes by the end of the day and with waterproof it's worse because it won't rub back off the skin. Reviewers are correct; this stuff stays on and doesn't budge.I can throw this on in the morning and no matter how hot and sweaty I get or no matter how many times my protective eye goggles or masks rub against my lashes this mascara holds up perfectly.I can literally wear this to the beach by applying the first day and just keep it on night after night.I just recurl if I need to.It won't smudge, flake or peel.It does not transfer.It is difficult to remove but I have found Neutrogena makeup removing balm does the trick if I apply it and let is sit for a few seconds then use microfiber cloth.Regular makeup removers, even those designed for waterproof makeup, do not touch this stuff so be prepared.
  • I love makeup & skincare & I’ve tried every mascara, cheap & high price point around!!!This mascara is tough in its wear.I actually sleep with it! And change it bout 3 times a week.To brighten the old application,I use an electric eyelash curler to remove excess & clumped lashes, curl & voila, refreshed lashes!It is a bit difficult to get off, but I use JUNO makeup remover, it melts any makeup/mascara around & really cleans!One note:it can come out of the tube intense, I just scrape the excesss off, before using & this baby lasts a long time.
  • Everyone always compliments my lashes and this is my secret. Of course I pair it with the heroine make primer and my lashes are set for the day. They don’t droop or anything! It’s tough to get off and sometimes when I’m sleeping over at a friend’s house, I’ll forget the remover so I’ll use whatever they have on hand and 9/10 times their remover doesn’t work. I’ve found that the pond’s cold creme is the only American make up remover that gets it off 100% effectively as the remover that heroine make sells. It’s cheaper too! Just keep the cold creme on for at least a minute and the mascara will melt right off.I’ve found that using the volume formula and the length formula in conjunction really helps make my lashes look good but if I were to choose between the two, the volume one is by far the best. Will use this until I physically cannot.
  • I got this because of tiktok… honestly I have the most straight light lashes ever… I applied ONE coat after curling it with an eyelash curler and my lashes still look curled and LONG, this mascara is my new favorite 💕
  • I purchased this after seeing it on tik Tok, I love it. It holds your lashes up for many hours, I have very straight eyelashes and it looks like I don’t have any lol but this gives an amazing curl to your lashes. It’s hard to take off, but other than that it’s amazing.
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  • It provides up to 10 hours of curl with dynamic lengthening effect
  • Its light weight fiber will not weigh lashes down to provide long and curled eye lashes with full volume
  • A waterproof, long-lasting mascara that won’t irritate sensitive eyes
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