Honest Beauty 2-in-1 Extreme Length Clean Mascara + Lash Primer | Lengthening + Volumizing | EWG Verified, Vegan + Cruelty Free | Black, .27 fl oz - REVIEW

  • I can’t believe this product is paraben free AND amazing at covering my lashes.I have struggled with getting coverage on my lashes for years but this makes it quick and easy.My lower lashes were the most difficult but this makes them look long and well separated.
  • Soooo good! I have extremely sensitive eyes. I've tried other "clean" products to no avail. This product doesn't irritate, stays on (no flaking or smudging), and is fairly easy to take off. I used a facial cleaner and my fingers and 98% came off with that gentle of a wash.
  • I love this mascara!I have had to replace all of my makeup and personal and household products with environmentally safe products.This is a winner!
  • So easy to apply and doesn’t have a scent. Love the way my lashes look.
  • It really works. I like that it is organic. I had a terrible allergic reactions on the brand I got previously. So was a bit scarred. One thing i could add, it could be a bit cheaper.
  • All I can say is WOWWWWThis mascara is AMAZING, last the entire day and make your lashes look beautiful and long.Dee
  • I have been searching for such a long time and finally found a mascara that is all of that and then some!
  • I've been purchasing this product for a long time. Loved it for length and volume.I have received the last 2 orders that were dried out. I looked on the package to see if there was an expiration date or born date. There was None. I did order a different product that was waterproof and it had an expiration date. I tried to return the Honest mascara, and it is Not eligible for returns.
  • I was looking for a mascara that was actually clean and this one is! I am super picky but this mascara is a favorite! Goes on nicely, no clumping, lasts all day, doesn't flake or make my eyes itch and washes away well. Just the right combination of lengthening, volume, and thickness.
  • Oh boy, I was in a conundrum, I decided to kick the old expensive, expensive, expensive habit of the glorious eye extensions. However, I was one of those unfortunate people who was left like a 3/4 plucked chicken, ready to be boiled. So, I knew nothing was going to make the stubble resemble eyelashes but still, I wanted something. And I tried everything—high end (Chanel, Lancôme, Dior, etc.) to my old highschool stand bys (L’Oréal, maybelibe, cover girl) and I even branched out and searched the tik tok and got on the “omgsh you gotta like try these 5 cheap combo mascara that will totally make you look like you have falsies!” Nah. Lies. But the most worrisome and stupidest on my part is the irritation, my eyeballs hated every single mascara and hold up, before I get the “you switched too often.” Ok, I concede; times I get excitable. But this? This? This mascara did not burn at all, AND BONUS POINTS—it had a primer too?! So now instead of a plucked chicken, I’d say I’d look as human as I’ll ever get. Until my eyes Lashes grow out. Take that as you will. But for real, I can’t imagine what it does on people with decent or even just sparse lashes; it’s a quality mascara and it doesn’t seem to smudge. And no itching and flaking.
  • This mascara's the best, no doubt,Lashes long, they stand out.With volume, curl, and jet-black hue,It's a beauty must, it’s true.
  • This mascara and primer combo are both beautiful and make a dramatic impact on my underwhelming and thin eyelashes. My only problem is that the they are a little messy and tend be difficult to apply without clumps or smearing. Part of that is my limited makeup skills perhaps but I have definitely had less of an issue with other brands. Regardless, I still love the effect they have and that the ingredients are much cleaner than other brands.
  • I just hate mascara that flakes off and this one does not do that.Also extra bonus is the eyelash primer one the opposite end of it!
  • I have been using on my lashes for a few years. Lashes are longer and thicker looking Never have blotches on lashes and wears all day.
  • My new favorite natural mascara. Don't know why I waited so long to give it a try. Amazing length enhancement and doesn't bleed underneath my eyes like so many other mascaras.
  • I’ll settle for the weird brushes to get a less toxic mascara. Works well and didn’t smudge.
  • I need a waterproof mascara that actually doesn’t end up under my eyes in a few hours and this one does the trick!
  • This is my favorite primer and mascara. Honestly can’t believe I ever didn’t use this
  • I love Honest Co for one but fell in love even more once I realized they had makeup that is clean and non toxic! My lashes look great and I don’t have to worry about the ingredients like I do with other brands.
  • this my new fav mascara it’s better than every high end mascara that I own, and its clean. I just wish there was a full bottle option without the primer. sucks to spend $20 on a tiny tube of product. but it’s so good that it’s worth it
  • So far, so fantastic! Having the primer on one end and mascara on the other is awesome! My lashes are longer and look more like false lashes in the best way possible!! Loving this purchase!!
  • Over the years I’ve developed an annoying allergy to most (if not almost all) mascaras. As a nurse, my makeup routine exists solely of foundation and mascara so when I received this as a gift I was skeptical. But I’ve been using it (and buying more) for almost a year and have had no bad reactions. I love it!
  • This is by far the best mascara I have used! It lengthens your lashes flawlessly, I’ve been asked if my lashes are fake!! I love this product
  • This is a pretty good mascara. I bought as a kind of dupe to a much more expensive product, I would say it fairs pretty well although not as good. love that there's a primer end in addition to the mascara and the color. Con is that it clumps a little and the brush isn't as large as I would prefer
  • The primer gives my short lashes a conditioning soft feel that looks like my lashes are long and full. My favorite ever mascara I've ever used. I can achieve either a natural or glamorous look.
  • So nice this product doesn't make false claims.I like the lash condition built in because I'd never use otherwise.Yet it keeps the mascara on a lot longer.Lashes look thicker.
  • I am happy to have found a mascara that goes on well without clumping.Chemically sensitive and have no reactions whatsoever,
  • Excellent mascara that leavesmy eyelashes big and the best thing is that does not contains bad chemicals like parabens.Thanks Honest Beauty for having clean product's.
  • I really like this mascara, I didn’t even know primer for mascara was a thing, but omg I love it! I’m a SAHM just trying to get by looking decent when I leave the house and this mascara is great. It doesn’t clump, it’s easy to use, and it helps lengthen my extremely short eyelashes. I will definitely be continuing to use this product in the future
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  • Award-winning, bestselling double-sided mascara + lash primer designed to work together to deliver ultimate length + volume
  • Infused with Jojoba Esters, our smooth black mascara delivers extreme length + sky high lift
  • The primer creates an even base that enhances the mascara's performance, while boosting length + staying power
  • Cruelty Free; Vegan; Ophthalmologist Tested; EWG Certified
  • Made without: Parabens, Paraffins, Synthetic Fragrances, Silicones, Mineral Oil
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