Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara. Defining and Lengthening Mascara for Dramatic Lashes. Cruelty-Free and Vegan - REVIEW

  • It starts VERY clumpy and I mean clumpy. I don’t know if these were maybe “oopsies” but once you use for a few weeks they feel dry. I’m thinking I’m going to return this for a different one and see if they are all the same.
  • I'm a mascara snob. High end & drug store. I have not found a good drug store tubing mascara, despite all the reviews. I love the Thrive tubing mascara and decided to try this. Hourglass?? On sale???!!!! Such a steal. Great volume & length. Removes incredibly easily. I probably wouldn't purchase this at full price, but yes I do recommend this product. Hourglass is great. The mascara is great.
  • I have used my fair share of tubing mascaras - I will for sure never use a non-tubing mascara again. Tubing mascaras last better on my lashes, and don't leave me with racoon eyes at the end of the day.One of my favorite formulas for tubing mascaras came with a wand that I hated - I won't say the brand name specifically, but I'll just say that I was not THRIVING in my makeup regimen because I hated the mascara wand so much.When I first bought this mascara (at a makeup store, in a pinch, and right before a wedding where I was maid of honor) I was skeptical because this wand has similarly small bristles. I thought there was no way I would get good lash separation - however, I was pleasantly surprised, and Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions became my absolute favorite mascara. It has excellent lash separation AND curl, excellent wear, and the formula does not flake or run. The volume it provides is also good - I have fairly long eyelashes, but they are not very thick or dense. This mascara really makes my eyes stand out. The product in the tube also lasts a long time! I am a professor and I have had students ask me about my mascara after class because my lashes look that dang good with this mascara on.I'm not sure why this mascara is $30 everywhere except Amazon. That made me hesitant to buy it and try it from Amazon because I thought surely I'd get a bootleg, fake product. I just received the tube I ordered from Amazon yesterday, and it seems fine and perfectly legit, though I haven't used it yet.The bottom line is that this is the best tubing mascara I've ever used. I highly recommend it.Update: the price difference is no more! The price is now $29 on Amazon, which is in line with what you’d pay at a makeup store. This mascara is worth every penny. I stand by it.Update: the price is $32 now. (Yay, inflation?) Still worth it. So, so worth it.
  • No other mascara has lengthen my lashes. They just glop on. This actually worked on the first stroke!
  • I’ve been wearing mascara nearly daily since age 14, and I’m now 32. I’ve tried a lot. of mascaras. I’ve kissed all the frogs in the kingdom. Today I finally found my prince!To be fair, it’s me, hi, I’m the problem it’s me…for 18 years I bought $8 tubes of mascara. This week I had a revelation that if I wanted to be done with raccoon eyes by noon, maybe it was time to spend my money on quality. So a few days ago I ordered hourglass on prime.My criteria was (1) cruelty free, (2) rated highly for all day wear, (3) not waterproof, and (4) easy to remove. This seemed to fit the bill.Today I worked a ten hour day, and drove straight to bar trivia with friends after work. I never touched up or reapplied. The percentage of mascara under my eyes was ZERO. It stayed out! It looked freshly applied! I was in awe!Coming home at 9:30pm I thought, here we go. I applied this stuff 16 hours ago. It’ll never come off. It advertised only the need for warm water…surely it could not be possible…READERS, IT CAME OFF IN UNDER 60 SECONDS. I used warm water on a cotton pad. I worked on each eye for maybe 30 seconds. And it just…slipped right off. It left no trace behind. I washed my face and crawled into bed which is where I am currently writing this review.I wouldn’t believe it myself unless I lived it. The mascara I’ve been searching for my whole life is here. I’m so happy I could cry. Consider me a customer for life after less than 24 hours!
  • This mascara is honestly my favorite, I've been using it for two years and haven't gone back since. It's a little on the pricier side but it's worth it.The length and volume are amazing, and it has great hold. It comes off with water so you dont need to use makeup remover.
  • Quite possibly the best looking mascara I’ve ever used but I think it’s a bit over rated. I had no problem with clumps, but after crying it comes off in clumps 😂
  • I love the volume and length I get.I've tried others, but they were messy,this is not .
  • I am very thankful for this mascara. Haven’t had clumping issues and it applies smoothly. It’s also very easy to wash off! It does not irritate my eyes as some mascaras do.
  • I've tried many mascaras and this has been my favorite. Lengthens, gives volume, and no clumping.
  • I have a collection of over 65 mascaras, and I can honestly say that this is in my top three. It gives a dramatic, lengthened look, is great for bottom lashes, and really easy to remove. You can wet your fingers with warm water and gently rub your eyelashes, and the mascara comes right off so you avoid the chance of losing any eyelashes.
  • No racoon eyes.Stays on all day. So easy to remove with my water and a cloth.My daughter is super picky about her mascara and asked her to try this, and she's in love! My neighbors teen uses it now too. I'm 45, and struggled my entire life to find a mascara that doesn't run when sweating or just sitting at a desk... This is it!One coat does it, but for a dramatic effect, use a curler and 2 coats.Will buy this for as long as they make it
  • This mascara is the best tubing mascara I have found. It also lasts a while long than most mascaras. Make sure you remove the mascara and also use eye makeup remover after you wash your face so it will go on smooth the next day. I also use a spoolie to separate my lashes after the mascara dries. Does not run down under my eyes which is a problem I have with regular (even waterproof) mascara.
  • Really does work to make lashes so long and separated. Should use oil base makeup remover.
  • I try so many different mascara’s but I have a tendency to blink, sneeze, rub, and I also have smudges.It’s awful.Someone suggested this brand on Reddit so here I am.It really Does not smudge allllll day.I even wore it recently To Niagara Falls and I was soaked from the mist but no mascara on my face.And it washes Off with soap and water, not difficult.Highly recommend.
  • Keep in mind this is not a slight against this product.As for myself, I found this mascara lash extension to be a bit more clumpier.Even, after trying to wipe as much of the product off the opening, the application still became really thick before applying another layer.However, the likely hood that I have really short eyelashes maybe the cause of the excess amount on my lashes.My lashes are abundant just shamefully too short, thus making the application more challenging.There were a ton of positive reviews, so I feel it isup to the individual interested in this product to determine what they feel is best for their results regarding their eyelashes.Best of luck to you folks.
  • Works great but what I love the most is how easy it is to clean it off. Love it!
  • This mascara is super easy to apply, it's like it grabs the eyelashes. It doesn't smear throughout long days and helps make my look alive and bright.I really love it!
  • This is the only truly smudge proof mascara I have ever had. I have recently tried 5 different brands that marketed this quality including waterproof options, and this is the ONLY one that actually lives up to it. Love this product!
  • Love that it adds volume and is easy to remove without smudging it clumps in water for easy removal!
  • Myself and daughters will only use this now. Built in fiber to make your lashes better and thicker than they are. Easier to wash your face at night too.
  • Love this mascara. I always get asked if I have fake eyelashes on when I use it!
  • Doesn’t smudge off during the day. And comes off on shower at night with just water. It’s amazing . My 17 year old daughter who has like 30 mascaras steals mine and says it’s amazing so i just got her her own
  • I have struggled to find a mascara that doesn't flake since Estee Lauder got rid of their Magnascope. My eyelashes hit my brow and thus flakes happen on all mascaras. I've tried waterproof, but the ones thus far that stayed on were impossible to remove and I lost eyelashes over removing them. So, I got this tubing mascara. Was a bit concerned because other tubing mascaras are very dry, so wasn't sure if this was as well. Turns out it is like normal mascara, nice and wet. It makes the Suction sound when pull the wand out.Only one flake after 10 hours of wear. It looked like it might be the tubing fiber that came off, but regardless, that's nothing compared to normal mascara and my mascara would be totally flaked off by then.Super easy to remove. My normal routine of washing my face and a little cotton ball of eye makeup remover or water.Picture shows the before and after after one coat only.Got a compliment from a friend on my mascara. Not sure I've ever had that from them before. I'm a happy camper and seem to have found my new mascara. Wish it wasn't so pricey, so that's the only reason I'll keep looking for cheaper options but otherwise, 5 stars.
  • Loveee this mascara! Tubing mascara is such a game changer! But many dont go on nicely. I like the way this one goes on, separates lashes the most of the ones I’ve tried. Would appreciate if it was a drop more voluminous BUT it’s definitely the best I’ve tried so far . Comes off SO EASILY with just warm water.Cons: doesn’t wear so well after a day (before tubing, I’d leave my waterproof mascara on for like 3 days and just touch up and it looked good).Does come off when I cry because the tears are warm lol thankfully, that’s not a daily issue
  • I love this mascara! This is my go to product. It lengthens your lashes for such a beautiful look, and is easy to clean at the end of the day.
  • Does not shed after long periods of wear. Goes on smoothly with a great brush. 2 coats and hood to go!
  • The media could not be loaded. This product is amazing and exactly like the mascara I bought at Sephora and Ulta, literally same product but half the price! I love how it just flakes and peels away versus smudging, I can wear it for days at a time. Best mascara I have ever bought beside the mascara from Thrive.
  • Best mascara I’ve used and I’ve used plenty; from drug store to high end brands.This mascara definitely adds length and volume without the clumping! I was so amazed I bought a second one!
  • This is the best mascara I have ever worn. I love it. This does not feel funky or thick and stiff. My few lashes seem to love it and look long and nice!!
  • I really like this mascara. I was using Thrive and it was way too messy.Only takes a couple coats to make the difference.I will definitely buy this again.
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