Ibccndc Glitter Spray Shimmer Silver Glitter Hairspray for Women Tiktok, Hair and Body Glitter Spray - REVIEW

  • Worked good! Sticks on like if you sprayed glue on you, but a lot like any other glitter item it still gets on your clothes. I loved it though!
  • it’s beautiful, not a strong scent, & i love glitter and might’ve used the can up mostly already but that’s okay! definitely a good buy for special occasions, dances, or if you just want to add extra sparkles to an everyday outfit!
  • This sprays out like those aresol hairspray cans and kinda sticks like that too. It's great, but I held it too close and was like.. ouch. Def sticks great if you're going to be dancing the night away.
  • The glitter lasted all night. The only problem is the smell from when you spray it. But after some time, the smell fades
  • When I initially spayed this on my skin it came out in a big clump on my arm. I kept trying to spray more and more at a distance to get a sheen effect but it still sprayed on heavy as well as sprayed on everything around me. On my skin it hasa grainy feel and it easily rubs off easily.
  • Used these for my daughters softball tournament and the whole team loved the glitter in their hair.Would definitely buy again for her next tournaments!
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  • Glitter Spray On Hair And Body Glitter Spray: This multiple-purpose metallic, glittery spray is lightweight and made with the finest glitter to add sparkle and extra glam to your style. This glitter spray can be used on hair, skin, or clothing.
  • Long-Lasting Glitter Effect : The highlighter spray has a refreshing texture and is non-greasy. It helps to cover excess oil and is not easy to clog pores. It has good adhesion and fits the skin easily which make the flash effect maintained for a long time. Keep you shiny and charming every day!
  • Easy Spray-in & Easy Wash-out: Simply apply sparingly for a subtle look and layer more for an intense dramatic effect. Fuss-free, mess-free, and hassle-free temporary glitter spray. Long-lasting yet easily washes out with a single rinse or shampoo.
  • Suggested Use: Shake before using. Hold can far away from hair and lightly mists all over allowing it to fall onto the hair and skin.
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