KEAIYYJ Empty Mascara Tubes and Wand for Castor Oil Dispenser Eyebrow/Eyelash Applicator Brush Spoolies with Tube Travel Refillable Cosmetic Containers Bottles, White 10 ml 5 Pack - REVIEW

  • These are actually quite nice. The little inserts that help to sweep that extra product off the brush come separated from the container so you have a choice to install or not. I suggest if you use castor oil in them that you do not install that little brush sweep. It seems to squeegee too much product off the brush. But I love the see through container and the metallic pink color handles. No leaking product either.
  • Awesome quality for the price. The screw top seems slightly loose but doesn't spill any of the product i have in there (which is a thicker oil).
  • Loved these bottles, especially the color! Wish I could order in quantities of 10 again!
  • Great product only problem I was missing one stopper had so one less item to sell kind of disappointed but hopefully my new order that's suppose to be delivered today has all the stoppers
  • Seems like a solid enough product, especially for the price. Came in three pieces - tube, collar, wand. The collars fit snugly and the wands screw in tightly -- no leaks. I wanted to use them for applying castor oil to eyebrows and eye lashes. Turns out its just easier to use my finger lol. A few times the gold top has dislocated from the wand top, as pictured in one photo. It always pops back on easily enough, and I haven't used it enough to see if it would be a big headache over time. But it certainly is possible to remove it intentionally, too, with a bit of effort. Good value for money.
  • Got these to put castor oil in for eye lashes. Good quality for what I needed it for.
  • I bought these for Castro oil for my lashes and eyebrows at night. I even started recently just adding a little tiny dab to my hair, and it works pretty good.
  • I bought this product to go with the cast oil to help grow my eyelashes and eyebrows. Unfortunately, highly allergic to castor castor oil so these refillable tubes serve her i other purpose.
  • Most of these types of containers leak. This one does not at all, works great.
  • Perfect for what I needed them for which was a container for castor oil for easy application to my eyebrows and eyelashes. The lid fits tightly and the oil does not leak.
  • The media could not be loaded. I love this product as it was perfect for my at home lash care. The quality of this product is great as well. It doesn’t leak or anything like that while I’m not using. It doesn’t give me too much product as well while I’m using it. It came in a pack of five, which is also very convenient especially for the price. I definitely will buy these again in the future.
  • Wands and caps are not glued together well, the pink cap came off with two days of twice daily use :/
  • Set is as described. No issues to speak of. Using it to apply my homemade lash grower
  • There are so many uses for these! Im currently using them for travel size cleansing products for my lashes!
  • I loved this product , makes it so much easier for me to apply my castor oil . It’s not messy , one thing I will say is it does not come with a funnel to insert the product into it . So can be quite messy if you don’t have one . Very convenient for on the go / traveling . No spill or leakage .
  • I like the size and stopper. I use it for oil for my eyelashes, and there is a good amount on the brush, and it is soft and thick enough. 10/10
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  • Empty mascara tube with eyelash wand. White round top. Small/mini Capacity: 10 ml. Size: 4.09*0.63 inch. Plastic mascara is safer because it is BPA free, does not leak, is portable, small in size and light in weight, and is suitable for use in cosmetic bags.
  • Empty mascara tube and wand for castor oil. Use these bottles to store your castor oil, and use the accompanying wand to use easily; The lip at the top of the bottle allows you to easily remove excess oil.
  • Small perfume funnels and pipettes facilitate the movement of castor oil into the tube. Rubber plugs help prevent leakage, expel air, and protect the beneficial compounds in the oil.
  • Eyelash brush bottle for eyelash and eyebrow serum, suitable for business trips and business trips, suitable for beginners practice, daily use or makeup artists makeup.
  • Empty mascara bottle.
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