KOJI DOLLY WINK Volume Mascara Black - REVIEW

  • I've used at least 10 of this mascara!! I tried some other mascara (even high end) but always go back to it. It gives perfect volume and definition to your eyelashes, keeps your eyelashes super curl, and doesn't flake off throughout the day! Best mascara ever.
  • I've tried many mascaras in the past, but nothing seems to last with my super oily lids. This mascara is one of the few that doesn't give me panda eyes, provides great lengthening and helps to hold a curl. I find it works best when applied after curling my lashes with a manual eyelash curler and I give my lashes a final lift with a heated lash curler. The curl would last for the whole day, even after a work out. Definitely recommend!
  • I’m a repeat buyer of this mascara! It is long lasting, blackest Black I’ve seen in a mascara and it makes my lashes look doll like. The mascara does come off in clumps when you wash it off. Honestly it’s a plus for me because I don’t get “Panda Eye” after washing my face. I just gently massage it off with my face soap and it’s gone. I love this mascara and recommend it to anyone who wants long doll eye lashes!
  • Arrived a lot earlier than expected. This has been my go to mascara for about 3 years now. It gives me good length and a good amount of volume. Very black, no clumps, no smudges and super waterproof!!
  • Pretty good. I had heard crazy hype over Japanese mascara. It's not super crazy OMG volumizing but it's good. The formula is very wet which is nice, and it's super waterproof. Make sure your using a good oil remover.
  • The packaging is super kawaii! You receive about the same amount of product in the baby blue and metallic plum plastic tube as you would in a l'oreal volumous mascara tube and they are about the same length as well.The want has short bristles that makes it look small(not fluffy) and these short bristles are close together and numerous;that combined with the formula which is thin, quick drying and not sticky allows the application to be layered and layered upon itself or other mascaras. I suggest using this on top of another thin formula mascara such as the lengthening version of this mascara or Maybelline great lash(it's a bit more goopy tgan this but not terrible if not old) or they are real by benefit is another thinner one you could layer with this. It adds as much volume as you would expect and the more layers you use it will get thicker but Japanese girls often use false lashes with this so if you do you will look that much more full of course. I highly highly recommend this. It does not smudge, it dries quick, not too much product on wand on each pull and special packaging. This is even cute enough to add onto a gift or something; I just love it! It makes me feel like a kid again; reminds me so much of the girly play stuff I had but it's still not do much like that that an adult would feel awkward carrying it around.Buy it, it really puts a smile on my face to use it.
  • It last all day and holds the curl. I have very stiff lashes and never had or found the mascara that could hold the curl until I TRIED THIS ONE!!!!
  • it works great! Even waterproof. But makes it kind of hard to remove by the end of the day.
  • Decided to take a chance on this mascara and was not dissapointed.It really works to separate you're lashes and it doesn't clump.I do use an eyelash curler along with this..What I do is apply 1-2 coats then let it dry ,next I curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler then I go in with one final coat. I love the ending look. Its definitely hard to get off so I recommend using some type essential oil ,I use almond oil and aloe vera juice to get it off.
  • Out of the dozens and dozens of mascaras I've tried out in my 25 years of living, this is by far the best one I've come across. Minimal smudging, minimal clumping, and incredible staying power. One of the only downsides is that I really have to work hard to wash them off at the end of the day.Downsides: I am totally nitpicking, but the packaging is cheap and immature. It does no justice for the product. It looks like a child's toy. The brush applicator also leaves much to be desired; it's too thin and the bristles are too short. I end up poking my eye trying to get good coverage. A product this good deserves much better.
  • I'm a lazy promo model and generally all my work is crammed into 2-3 days, long hours, sometimes it's hot. So I've kind of made it an art form to find products that stay put for as long as possible, like "I woke up like this...because I haven't removed my makeup since yesterday and I'm terrible". This is the only mascara I've found that's on board, I wake up and it's still perfect somehow, like magic. And it really delivers on volume without clumping.
  • I love this stuff and it stays put all day. I don't have to reapply, but it does need a makeup remover to come off.
  • I originally bought this because I thought it was a tubing mascara. IT IS NOT A TUBING MASCARA. However, it is pretty budge proof which is why I prefer tubing mascaras in the first place. Make sure you have an oil based waterproof makeup remover, because it didn't move at all with water and regular face wash.Overall, I like it and will finish the tube, but I probably won't repurchase.
  • This mascara is amazing! I've always heard that Japanese eye products are the best. I got some mascara from another Japanese brand which was good, but I decided to try this mascara too and I'm hooked. I'm never buying another mascara again because this stuff makes my lashes HUGE! Great mascara for a decent price.
  • It gets a bit clumpy, but it last quite a long time on your lashes!
  • This is definitely one of my favorite mascara to use so far. I have tendency to buy different types of mascara: Dior Show, Benefit They're Real, Roller Lash, various Lancome ones as well as random drug store brands. The brush shape and size fits perfectly for my almond eyes. The length and curl holds all day with no smears. I do notice that it takes a bit longer to dry after application but that doesn't bother me much. Will continue to buy this from now on!
  • I have bought high end mascara of types and prices. (Some I have shamefully bought for over 50$, this one tops them all.) I am a contact wearer and this means I can not have running mascara or else I am blind for the rest of the evening and this holds and curls. I bought a second just because I was afraid I'd be unable to find it again.
  • Women talk about their HG (holy grail) mascara and this is it for me.I love to try different brands and rarely buy the same product more than once, but this mascara is IT for me.I have tried so many high end mascaras but I keep coming back to this one after I discovered it about 7 years ago.I will never buy a different mascara again.I have never gotten the same effects with any other product.Love it!
  • Although the brush leaves a little to be desired, don't let that stop you from buying this. It is by far the best mascara I think I have ever used.Super bold and doesn't flake off throughout the day.
  • Love, love, LOVE! The perfect mascara. Introduced to this by my sister who lives in Japan.
  • Pros:- Very black color- Super-waterproof- Very volumizing- Provides a lot of length- Doesn't fall down or run (except in very intense heat/humidity - I accidently wore it to Bikram yoga and it was all over my cheeks after). Fine for the beach/pool though- Overall an excellent high-drama mascaraCons:- Very hard to remove (too much rubbing even with an oil cleanser)- Formula is very wet and clumpy and requires an extremely light hand to apply- Too intense for bottom lashes-
  • I love this mascara. It never makes panda eyes, and it lasts long. That's all I need!
  • Great waterproof mascara that gives just enough definition to my eyelashes. I like the wand, because it doesn't apply too much product.
  • Definitely is smudge-proof, as it was abit difficult to remove. Lasts all day and I like the coverage.
  • I was amazed by this mascara the first time I put it on because it didn’t clump or get everywhere during application. I was so used to crappy mascaras in the past that I expected the same. I applied my mascara around 12pm and took the after photo at 11pm. 11 hours of wear without it getting smeared or losing volume. I just curled my lashes, applied, and it stuck solid all day even after walking outside for about an hour, cooking dinner, etc. Definitely try it out!
  • The ONLY mascara I use!! Doesn’t smudge, holds a curl and waterproof, but still comes off easily with face wash.Also, great customer service! Shipping is a breeze and they include sweet notes and goodies in your package- love it!
  • This is the best mascara I've ever used in my life! It's a great consistency - not too wet, not too dry. It holds my curl well and lengthens my lashes at the same time. It stays until I take it off. It's a little difficult to remove, but I found that a little rosehip seed oil makes it slide right off. Make sure you have something really great to remove this mascara, but then go crazy! This stuff is great.
  • I Love the product, but I have a hard time with the brush. Once i get it on I Love the way it wears, but the brush is so wimpy its hard to apply.
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  • Volume up while coating lashes smoothly
  • The color and gloss of jet black with clear eyes
  • Water proof type resistant to sweat, water, tears
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