LKE 100pcs Eyeshadow Stencils makeup tape Professional Lint Free Under Eye Eyeshadow Gel Pad Patches eyeliner tape for Eyelash Extensions/Lip Makeup supplies - REVIEW

  • Got these bc I struggle with my makeup since getting lash extensions. These create a crisp line and don’t irritate my skin.
  • These are a total game changer! Clean lines every time, +2 different shapes to choose from on each pad. Just awesome.
  • Love these little eye stickers for my eye shadow and mascara keeps the fallout off my face! Highly recommend and it peels off skin softly. No residue!
  • I absolutely love these things. It came with so many and they come individually in sets of 5 (so 10 shields per package) which makes them perfect to keep in my every day makeup bag.They catch allfall out eyeshadow, don’t hurt to take off and leave a very even crease line.
  • I used to buy the eye shadow tape from e.l.f but can no longer find them anywhere.I can't do my eyeshadow without having a something to guide me.This are way bigger than the e.l.f tape and I actually love that I use the excess of these to rub off any excess eyeshadow product it helps with any fall out.I will not run out of these anytime soon but when I do I will repurchase these without a doubt.
  • Great product. Love these! Get the perfect look with less effort. Easy to use and great packaging.
  • Getting these to stick perfectly is a little tricky, but I held them down while applying my shadow and it worked out beautifully! I took off a star because they did need to be held down to work appropriately but it was no real issue for me.
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  • ➤Helps perfect winged cat eye:The LKE 100pcs Eyeshadow Stencils makeup tape is designed to help you create the perfect winged cat eye look. Whether you're traveling, attending a party, or going to a business occasion, this product will make you feel stylish and confident.
  • ➤Protects under eye area: With these Lint-Free Under Eye Eyeshadow Gel Pad Patches, you no longer need to worry about smearing your makeup. The stencils act as a shield, protecting the under eye area from eye shadow fallout. You can now apply your eye shadow with ease and precision.
  • ➤Creates straight edge for shadow:The unique half moon shape of these eyeshadow stencils helps create a straight edge for your shadow. It ensures that your eye shadow looks clean and well-defined, giving you a professional finish every time.
  • ➤Aids in perfecting lipstick application: Not only are these eyeshadow stencils great for creating the perfect eye look, but they also aid in perfecting your lipstick application. You can use them to create a clean, straight edge for your lipstick, making sure it looks flawless.
  • ➤Ultimate multi-tasking beauty tool:The LKE 100pcs Eyeshadow Stencils are the ultimate multi-tasking beauty tool. They are hands-free, disposable, and time-saving. You can easily apply your makeup without having to worry about holding the stencils in place. Plus, with 100pcs in a pack, you'll have more than enough to last you a long time.
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