LORAC PRO Mascara Thickening and Lengthening Black - REVIEW

  • I keep trying other mascaras, but I always go back to this one.It’s the best for my thin, wispy, blonde eyelashes!!
  • Does what it says it will do for volumizing your lashes...and then some!!!! Lengthens them some, too. You can build on them and get massive lashes. BUT, I had an itchy eye lid and gently rubbed at my eye and the lashes started flaking a little bit, then a little more, then that was it... the rest of the day was a nightmare. Sooooo... just be really mindful when wearing. But it works as advertised.
  • makes your lashes very long and easy to wash off. Lasts all day and color is pretty bold
  • This is my second purchase. The mascara lasts all day (photo taken after 12 Hours). It doesn’t crumble like other brands and has the potential of getting thicker - don’t really need it for work. I love the curl and neatness. I have good lash day everyday since I started using this mascara.
  • It is thick and I find I must use an eyelash comb to separate lashes.It’s very long lasting and I’m always satisfied with Lorac products!
  • This mascara lengthened my short lashes and conditioned them as well.I can use “drugstore” brands for my face and lips, but not for my eyelashes.They become brittle.Removal is easy with soap and water or eye makeup remover.I love LORAC mascara and highly recommend it.
  • Love this mascara. The brush is perfect and the mascara stays on without clumping.By the end of a 16 hour day my lashes still look awesome! Highly recommend this product. ❤️
  • I really like this. just think did not have to go out shop for it.
  • I have tried TONS of high end mascaras…everything from benefit, to urban decay, Doucce, to Fenty. This one is the best. The formula is so smooth! It doesn’t give you spider lashes, it doesn’t clump your lashes together, it doesn’t get get on everything. It perfectly coats each individual lash and lengthens. It doesn’t fall apart or smear when you work out. I absolutely love it, and I pray they don’t ever stop making it!
  • This is my favorite mascara by far! The brush is immaculate and it helps separate your eyelashes while also making them look really long. It is not waterproof but it works we’ll enough to not have to curl your eyelashes. And super easy to remove!
  • This mascara is thick and very black. I love how long and full my lashes look and feel when I wear it.
  • Best mascara. Doesn’t smudge or run. No drying or flaking. Wears beautifully. Separates lashes and doesn’t clump. I tried every other mascara and nothing is as natural and comfortable as this one. The ingredients are pretty safe and natural as well. Winner.
  • I love Lorac mascara! It makes your lashes long and wispy without being clumpy. If you’re looking for really thick maybe if you keep applying it it gets that way but that’s not really my lookI’m looking for long and sexy.
  • Best mascara I’ve ever used. Doesn’t clump, coats evenly, smudge proof, & stays on all day. It’s sooo worth the 20 bucks you spend on it. Lorac pro mascara is the only mascara I’ll ever use!
  • Best mascara around. The first time I tried it it was like a whole different product. It lined my lashes so effectively. I've never seen anything like it. I am a drugstore makeup kind of girl, and the fact that I will actually spend the money on a product that is a little higher quality means it's worth it.
  • Fuller, thicker, longer lashes. The pigment is great and it doesn't smudge into raccoon eyes!
  • I personally had this before and I went to amazon to buy again. This mascara is POPPIN! Worth the money
  • I really like this mascara, I keep coming back to it after trying others. It lengthens and provides a decent amount of volume.
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