Lancôme Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara for up to 12x More Volume & 24H Wear - False Lash Effect - Black - REVIEW

  • I used this in the past and I liked it but there is a lot of excess when you use it so it clumps easily.
  • I had a few different favorite mascaras. Not any more I have 2. This one, slightly pricey - WORTH IT!I absolutely love the finished look. Well, now excuse me, I'll have to eat ramen noodles to be able to save for when I run out of this mascara. Tip : Never sneeze after applying.
  • I used this mascara for years and then, when finances got tight, decided to try something else (i.e, cheaper).When I went back to it I immediately had women commenting on my long eyelashes and asking what mascara I use.I love it and will continue to use it.When you find a product you love, stick with it!
  • While this product is very expensive, I like treating myself to it once in a blue moon, since it’s the best mascara I’ve ever had. I’m no mascara expert, but have tried many in my life and have learned that you get what you pay for. This one doesn’t clump, and creates great volume. It also lasts very long.
  • This is one of my favorite mascaras. It goes on well separates nicely and lasts a long time. Not sure what else you could ask for. Here’s just a pic-it’s kinda hard to review mascara lol. BUT! we also live in Fl and I don’t have issues with smearing or leaving marks behind on my eyelids.
  • Gives nice and thick lashes! Does tend to clump if you use too much but overall it’s very good
  • This mascara really is actually good. I usually use the better than sex two face mascara but wanted to try and spend a little less on one this time, and it did not disappoint!
  • Amino mascara is all you need as you won’t use it up in three months. And this is a great one to have
  • My mother-in-law told me about this product when she saw my frustration with other brands, and needing to use multiple applications in layer to get the desired look.This product is around $30 for a full size tube.You get great coverage with volume and length from this mascara, usually only needing to apply 1 or 2 coats to get the desired lash coverage.I've been using this mascara for about 5 years and I have some observations to share.In my opinion, this product only lasts 3-4 months before it looses the smooth texture and goes on evenly.Make sure to keep it closed, and at consistent room temperature for best results.Don't leave it in your car 🫠If you use it with the primer, only use a very small amount of primer and let it dry completely before brushing the mascara over the top.It will turn out amazing. Last thing, if you buy here on Amazon, make sure you buy from a trusted source here, there are fakes selling it cheaper, but this stuff goes on your eyes......So probably not the best time to try and save a buck or two for your eyes sakes!
  • I like C tjiss as I product have used it gif years and appreciate quick drlivery
  • Has anyone ever had your mascara wrapped in tissue paper in the duo box ?I thought that it would be in two individual boxes.. Has anyone else had tissue paper wrapped mascara from Lancôme???Please help me with this I would love to use my favorite mascara but need to know is this just the way it comes ..!!! Thanks Ladies
  • I've tried almost every mascara there is and no other compares to this.I've used Monseur Big for years and will continue.I have thin, short lashesUT definitely not while using this.
  • got the travel size, works well, doesn’t clump, kinda flakes but not a lot, prob my fav mascara since it delivered so much volume
  • One coat does the job. If you need to reapply, somehow it magically doesn’t clump. No flaking or raccoon eyes either. It’s simply wonderful.
  • I love this mascara. I have very sparse, blond eyelashes and this mascara does a great job gif me, and stays in a long time.But I was very disappointed when my order arrived that it was half the size of a regular mascara.It’s my own fault for not paying attention to the size.I was able to order 2 of the full size wands for the price of one directly from a store that sells Lancôme!A much better deal.I think it’s a holiday soecial deal.
  • I have used all brands of mascara.This one by far is the best!A little clumpy at times but the brush can rearrange your lashes.Prefer non waterproof.Hope this helps.
  • Applies easily.All day, has held lash curl without smudging.Lashes are volumized, lengthened & feel soft.
  • This is a very good mascara! It has very good coverage and when applied with a primer, it looks amazing. The downside is the mascara brush doesn’t work for short eyelashes. My lower lashes are extremely short—almost nonexistent. It won’t work for the bottom lashes, but I can coat the top lashes. 🙌🏼
  • Got no lashes like me? This'll do. Makes lashes super fat AND long- great brush/wand.The brush definitely makes it- try this!!!
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