2PCS 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara,2 in 1 Thrive Mascara For Natural Lengthening And Thickening Effect,no clumping Superstrong Waterproof Mascara for Long-Lasting,Beauty Charming Eye Make up - REVIEW

  • Dual dispenser (one wand, 2 types of volume, ie, more or less product per application). Good lash coverage and waterproof. Makeup remover (oil) required for easier removal.Found that using“step 2” adds too much mascara at one time (created “spider lashes”), so better results by repeating “step 1”.
  • Totally just went to go use my second bottle of mascara because I bought the dual pack mack in may and I don't wear makeup too often and so it's lasted me quite some time I've been very happy with this mascara it's one of my top favorites however when I just went to open this second bottle it has the applicator broke off in the actual tube of mascara which is a huge disappoint because I can no longer return this item as it's past the return date and so now I'm just stuck with a second bottle that I can't even use can't even get the applicator wand out of the bottle and that could be because there's two steps to it I'm not sure but from now on I will only purchase one at a time and I'm just bummed out because I lost out on this product
  • This is by far the best mascara I've ever tried!It is buildable and has fibers that extend your lashes!Highly receommend!
  • I was not sure if I would like this product or not. LOVE/LOVE/LOVE! I'm all done w/the 3D Lash mascara. This is my go to mascara from now on! The length I obtain from this product is wonderful! Highly recommend it!
  • I have purchased multiple times and love you get 2 in every order. It takes some getting used to at first though. I prefer this over thrive products
  • This mascara is amazing, I get it all the time and it makes my eyelashes look so long and pretty and not too thick! I wear mascara pretty much everyday and the only thing I’m disappointed about is how quickly it runs out. One tube lasts me about a month and a half so i wish it was just a bit longer. I love this product so so much!!
  • I will continue to purchase this mascara. It’s very easy to use does not aggravate my eyes. My lashes look incredible. I often get asked if they are my real lashes. I am going to purchase a couple more because my luck is it will be discontinued everything I love gets discontinued. BUY IT
  • I was buying this same mascara under a different name from Facebook and waiting over a month to get it! This stuff works amazing!!! I have very thin, light brown lashes. I’m allergic to glue. So this is a godsend for me! It makes my lashes look at least 3-4 times fuller. You can 100% tell. It doesn’t smear. You can sleep in it and not look crazy. It does flake a bit after a long wear but nothing horrible. And it’s not the longest lasting tube ever. So I buy two at a time. But I love it!!! I give it 10 stars.
  • This product has been my favorite. It applies easy and gives my lashes the full look I'm looking for. It has two separate applications. 1st one is to be applied and for a fuller look you apply the second setting. I would recommend this product.
  • It stays, my eyelashes are actually noticeable.I will buy it as long as it is available
  • It does smudge a little bit if u let it dry n then reapply. Overall I think it’s good
  • So I gotta be honest and say I thought this stuff was going to flake and was pleasantly surprised it lasted all day w no smudges or flakes. It was a stringy kind of mascara but went on pretty well. I could see how it lengthened my lashes too. I included a pic of no mascara. Pretty amazing!! I Def recommend it! First 2 pics are end of the day!
  • This is by far the best mascara I’ve purchased in a very long time. I feel like my lashes are so long and pretty
  • I LOVE this mascara and will continue to buy it. Just for removal make sure you have some really good eye makeup removal.
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  • ⭐2 in 1 mascara: 1 stick for 2 purposes, the first brush is a soft style, the second brush focuses on heavy makeup. The plastic tube will filter out the excess mascara and you can get a soft lash style. The second brush can create large curled eyelashes for you.
  • ⭐4D FIBER MASCARA: Our mascara is made of pure silk fibers and pure plant materials, which can instantly create dramatic curls and lengthen each eyelash, thus creating thicker, longer and more curly eyelashes for you.
  • ⭐Easy to apply and remove: Smooth mascara sweeps all eyelashes without clumping, peeling or drying out; just use your favorite makeup remover or warm water to remove makeup at the end of the day.
  • ⭐Keep your beauty all day long: the eyelashes are no longer smudged, and thick eyelashes keep you beautiful all day long! 4D mascara is waterproof, It will last all day without reapplication.
  • ⭐NATURAL: The formula, this fiber mascara protects your eyes from irritation, and helps you keep your face natural makeup, keeping you charming
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