Liaison Lash Bond Eyelash Growth Serum - Vol 1 - Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Talc Free, Sulfate Free, Alcohol Free - REVIEW

  • This stuff works,I've been using for 4 years now, I've never had irritation, or any problems.
  • This is the best price for lash growth serum. My lashes grew thicker and longer within a couple weeks. Must be continued to keep the results.
  • It was recommended to me by my Esthetician and I have been using it faithfully (keep it at my bedside). After 6 weeks I could see new lashes growing in. After 10 weeks they are stronger, darker, and are starting to feel pre- menopausal! I never wrote reviews but since I always hope that someone in their 50s has written one that I would be that person this time. It is that good!
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  • Liaison Lash Bond - uses peptides to help boost your lashes and brows with all of the rich minerals they need for consistent and healthy stimulation as they gain natural strength and shine.
  • Lash Results Backed by Science – Chemical, thermal or mechanical damage caused by lash extensions, glue, cosmetics or application are nourished to help repair disulfide bonds so your lashes and brows may effectively defend against harm.
  • It helps to stimulate weak bonds still present in your brows and lashes to encourage natural repair for full, healthy and strong results.
  • Newfound elasticity and strength may begin to be rapidly unlocked for full lash and brow stimulation. Your natural healthy lashes and brows are here to stay.
  • Single swipe along the upper lash line is all it takes each day. Be moderate in application - not much is needed to work its magic. See Results in as little as 12 Weeks!
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