Lilac St - 10mm Lashes - Soft, Natural Look - Lightweight & Reusable - Vegan & Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • This brand is my favorite false eyelashes. They look natural but with a little boost, which is exactly what I was looking for. These are great everyday wear. I use the 12mm ones for nights out and have completely ditched wearing mascara.
  • I have been using these lashes for about two years now, and it is safe to say I am hooked. These lashes are amazing quality for the price. They last so long and can be reused multiple times! The feather style is very natural looking and perfect for everyday wear. Cannot stress how life-changing this product has been for me.
  • This is my first attempt applying falsies underneath my natural lashes. OBSESSED. 💕I’m not a fan of giant lashes. I was once the MOH in a friend’s wedding, and her makeup guy gave us the worst lashes I have ever worn — big strips that looked like black plastic combs, lifted by the end of the ceremony, cast shadows over my eyes, and looked horrible in photos. I will NEVER tell her any of this, but seriously, it hurt my confidence and bummed me out the whole day. I wanted to untag myself when she added her wedding album to Facebook. If that sounds dramatic it’s because they really were that bad. Especially paired with pink eyeshadow and insanely overdone eyebrows — but I digress!!!Now I’m getting married myself, and I’m determined to avoid a similar tragedy at my own wedding. I started looking at Lilac St, Moxie nano grip lashes, and Lashify. Lilac St is the most affordable of these options and, thankfully, the first one I decided to try!I was actually expecting the application process to be much more difficult than it was. I removed the lashes from the package (highly recommend a q-tip soaked in alcohol for this), applied glue VERY sparingly to the underside of my lashes, swiped a little more glue on the lash clusters themselves, and applied them in front of a magnified mirror with angled tweezers. The whole process took about 10 minutes. The ‘tricky’ part is finding the best angle to hold the tweezers at when you’re applying (follow the slope/ curve of your eyelid for this)! Outside of that, I found these easier to apply than strip lashes and less messy than mascara.My application wasn’t absolutely perfect, but I’m very happy with the result (especially for a first try). I think someone would have to be suuuper close to my face to see the imperfections in my technique, lol. I got immediate compliments from my BFF and my fiancé.Pictured are the Dawn lashes in 10mm. These are not much longer than my natural lashes, but have much more curl (stick straight lash girl here). Overall I think they’re very natural looking and would be perfect for everyday wear. I went ahead and ordered some more in 12mm and might try those for my bachelorette party this summer/ other special events. We’ll see how the length looks on me. I am definitely considering these (maybe in 14mm) for my wedding. 🥰I’ll have to come back and update this review re: longevity of these lashes. I’ve been wearing them now for about 24 hours (yes I slept in them) and they are mostly intact. A couple of them had drifted a bit this morning, but that may have been my fault because they were the clusters I didn’t apply perfectly.Overall very happy with this purchase. These are the most natural-looking faux lashes I have ever used. So much more realistic than strips, yet still very fluttery and ethereal and princessy and Bambi-esque. If you like long lashes, but don’t like the falsies that look like dead caterpillars are attached to your eyelids, then these are for you. Please keep making these and don’t raise the price!!
  • These are nice, natural looking lashes and the glue holds well! A little pricey but not bad. Definitely worth a try.
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  • ORIGINAL LASHES - Think natural, but better. Perfectly curled and fluffy, our Original Lashes are sure to impress. They’re subtle and a little shy, but definitely noticeable.
  • NATURAL LOOK - Whether you’re a glam guru or a beauty beginner, these false lashes will help you achieve the ultimate natural look. With soft, individual clusters and a lightweight cotton band, you’ll forget you’re wearing false lashes!
  • LONG-LASTING & REUSABLE - Simply glue, apply, and fuse for gorgeous, easy results. Unlike thick magnetic strips, our lashes blend seamlessly on the eye. Once applied, these lashes will l
  • MULTIPLE LENGTHS - These lashes come in 10, 12, or 14 mm so you can find your perfect fit. Get salon-quality lashes, without the salon price.
  • ULTIMATE LASH ROUTINE - To complete your false eyelash routine, pair your Original Lashes with our Lilac Lash Glue and the Lilac Lash Applicator (both sold separately).
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