Lot of 3 - Avon Wash-off Waterproof Mascara - Black - REVIEW

  • Very nice mascara been using for years especially nice in summer when swimming. Leaves lashes soft yet separate. Easy to remove with hot water alone or mild cleanser. Lost my Avon lady nice to know I can still purchase on Amazon
  • I've tried probably 30 different mascaras.... Always coming back to this. Doesn't make your lashes look fake.
  • This is the best mascara around. Doesn't clump or smear. Best of all I don't have to deal with a rep!
  • I have used this Avon product for 30+ years. It goes on good & doesn't clump up.It dries quickly and doesn't rub off on your eyelids. It is easy to wash off.I live in a small town & it's hard to find an Avon Representative to get it from. So glad I can buy it on Amazon!
  • I do not have an Avon lady anymore. And now I have discovered I can get my favorite mascara from Amazon! Such good news!
  • Just my favorite mascara, what can I say. The applicator is the best shape for applying, and this is a perfect formula for wash off waterproof and no clumping problems.
  • I love this mascara. I don't have to worry about it running if I cry or get caught in the rain. but it is so easy to remove.Love it..
  • I have very sensitive eyes and have tried almost every brand. This has proven to be the best with the best value!
  • I have been using this product for years...I love it! Love the fact I can order from amazon and don’t have to chase down an Avon representative.
  • I love this mascara and won't use anything else.It doesn't run or smudge and it's easy to get off with just soap and water. Other mascara's I've tried in the past are too hard to remove.It's a great product and inexpensive.
  • I have lots of smudging issues due to long lashes and oily eye area. I’ve spent so much money trying to find a mascara that’s easy to remove and won’t smudge. Nothing seems to work as well as this Avon mascara.
  • Love this mascara, been using it for years. Waterproof but very easy to wash off.
  • I love this mascara it doesn’t clump and stays on nicely all day and removes easily at night
  • I been using this product for over 25 years. They are waterproof but very easy to remove with soap and water or make up remover
  • Absolutely love this mascara! It doesn’t irritate my eyes and has minimal smudging. Best product I’ve found so far. Highly recommend and love being able to purchase multiple at one time.
  • This product is great!Actually waterproof:doesn't clump up.I've tried all kinds of different brands and would rate this well above other name brands!!!
  • Have used this product for years, it does goes on nicely and does not clump.
  • I am allergic to a lot of eye products and can still use this mascara. It stays in place yet is easy to remove. I’m also happy I don’t have to go through and Avon Lady to purchase.
  • Its the very best mascara I've ever used and believe me ladies, I've tried a truck load! Most of which promise the moon at prices that make me laugh & then it looks horrible when you apply it!AVON mascara is very reasonably priced AND it delivers!!! Sorry about all the exclamations but just try it & you'll see.It doesn't clump so if you're going for the Tammy Fay Baker look, this isn't for you.It doesn't runIt stays on until you remove it with WATER!Try it ladies, you'll thank me!
  • Have worn this for years. Waterproof,but washes off with soap. Great for contact lens wearers.
  • I had used this mascara in the past for many years but got away from using it when I no longer had an Avon rep. Recently I had cataract surgery, and once was allowed to begin wearing mascara again, I realized how flaky and difficult to remove the current mascara I used was--so was glad to search and find this mascara on Amazon. It doesn't streak or smear, but removes with amazing ease--and does not flake and irritate my eyes as other waterproof mascaras do. The delivery was prompt and I would recommend this mascara to everyone. Going forward it will be a mainstay in my cosmetic inventory.
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  • Smudge and flake-proof
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