M.A.C. Magic Extension 5MM Fibre Mascara, black, 0.37 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) - REVIEW

  • I love MAC micro brush the most, but just tried this one and seems to work. One coat in picture.
  • No exaggerated claims, does make my eyelashes look longer and not clumpy. I've only used it for a few days, but genuinely like this mascara. Will buy again.
  • I love and ordering another one! It’s easy to apply and the results win over any other brand I have tried!
  • I’m addicted to this mascara, it’s amazing. Last all day and finally a mascara with NO flaking!
  • My lashes are short and these make mine look extremely long. No need for fake lashes.
  • Best mascara I’ve ever used. They make my lashes longer. They don’t smudge off on my eyelids!
  • I love mascara. I have tried them all from inexpensive to ridiculously overpriced. This mascara does give dramatic length and it lasts all day without flaking. I do use a primer underneath so that may help. I took off one star only because it can get a little clumpy if you use too many coats. But because of the length the fibers give, I can work with it. I am on my second tube so I definitely like it and would recommend it!
  • Best mascara ever!! Natural looking but makes the lashes longest ever! Forget fake lashes..this makes the longer..
  • Great product love how it looks. Unfortunately, after about a week it starts clumping up in the tube and feels like I’m losing half of the product to clumps that fall out on the floor.
  • This is by far the best mascara I’ve ever found! Not only does it have microfibers to lengthen lashes but it doesn’t smudge, flake or run and it comes off very easily with some makeup remover. A little expensive but worth it.
  • This is the absolute best lash extension mascara!!! I use 1 coat of my other mascara and finish using this on the tips of my lashes. Lashes look super long!!!
  • I am in my 70’s and have thin eyelashes. This is The best mascara I have used, it really enhances my eyelashes and thickens them.
  • I absolutely love this mascara. I have long lashes and struggle to find a mascara that doesn’t make them look like tarantulas. This mascara not only makes my lashes look beautiful and natural, but it doesn’t smudge during the day AND it’s easy to remove with just my face cleanser in the evening. I hope they never change the formula because I’ve found the perfect product.
  • I love how they make my lashes look. I usually take it off every other day because it’s a bit challenging to take off daily. It looks great for two days!My favorite mascara!
  • This is the best mascara I have found ever!I had stopped using mascara except for special occasions because it never made enough of a difference to make it worthwhile unless I used 4 coats!This stuff is great! It does clump a bit, but overall results are fabulous!
  • Good fiber mascara, but I have used other products that give better results (longer lashes) and for the price
  • I love to try new mascara's...always looking for the perfect one! Since I started wearing this-I don't buy anything else. It goes on smoothly and comes off easily, but doesn't flake or rub off during my time wearing it. It also layers easily for a fuller look. I've bought this for my niece and sister-can't wait for them to try it!
  • I saw somewhere a review saying that after trying it they cancelled the eyelash extension appointment... it's totally true!
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  • Like lash extensions in a bottle! Lengthen your fringe to unreal faux levels.
  • The formula is enriched with a Crystal Elixir Powder that intensifies its carbon-black colour, while an olive oil derivative and natural waxes condition lashes.
  • .37 fl oz / 11 ml
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