Elf Makeup Setting Mist and Eyelid Primer - REVIEW

  • I felt like I ran out of primer pretty quickly. It worked really well though. Didn’t love the spray. But I think I’d just prefer a finer mist. This just feels like a regular spray bottle of water.
  • I can’t say enough good things. My makeup stays on all day with these two products. So happy I found this.
  • The eyelid primer helps keep my eyeliner in place and the spray helps keep my makeup fresh.Easy to wash off as well.I would recommend this duo for the value and the quality of the product.
  • I used this for my oily skin and it helped keeping my makeup in place. The eyelid primer worked amazing
  • The spray works great!It actually keeps your mascara from running on a hot day.Mascara is not really water proof anymore, even if it says that it is, so this helps keep it from running.
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