Mamey Seed Oil Mascara, 0.45 Ounce - REVIEW

  • I can’t give 5 starts yet cuz I have using twice lol SO FAR SO GOOD
  • Great product.It makes eyelashes longer and thicker.I like my mascara a lot.Thank you.Amazon and seller.
  • I really like this product, it gives your eyelashes a lot of volume and gives them a lot of length. This mascara is waterproof so it won’t run off if you are swimming or if your eyes get wet. The only thing that I dislike about this mascara is that if you are the kind of person that likes to give your eyelashes a lot of layers, heads up that it’s going to be hard to takeoff. So it’s a little bit of a struggle to remove the mascara with a make up wipe or stuff like that. The Brush to apply The mascara with is actually really big. So if you have small eyes then this is probably not the perfect product for you.Other than that I will say this mascara has a pretty great formula
  • This actually made my lashes grow! It's a little clumpy but just take your time putting it on and you'll be fine.
  • Makes my lashes long and curves them up. I have spent hundreds of dollars in expensive mascaras and little did I know this would be the one I would fall in love after over 20 years of searching. My eyelashes just fall straight and flat naturally, this mascara brings them up and give them a little bit of a curve, not much but I definitely do not need an eyelash curler for sure. No mess and no fuss and waterproof.
  • Great product,this is the only mascara I use from now on. Makes lashes long and it's easy to remove with oil / make up remover.
  • It’s good l have to used this product for 3 years. Nothing comparing with natural things and plus better than any comercial mascara’s.
  • I recently started using it and it’s great so far! It’s pretty hard to remove and came frozen though.
  • I loved this mascara! Having eyelashes that straightened out whenever I put mascara on I was looking for something that wouldn’t, and this was it! Worth the money
  • Voluminous look. It takes a little longer to wipe off than regular mascara, but I like. Black colour.
  • This is the only mascara I have used for the last 20 years I love it..... forget about those expensive brand (which I have try like every single one ) I started to used this mascara when I lived in Mexico and when I came to the states I never though that I would find them at the local stores so every time I would find I store that selled them I would buy like 3 of them . Now that I see amazon sell them it would be easier.
  • Very nice mascara I love that it thick when applied I compare to to tart it amazing last all day too!!!
  • This product doesn't have moisture seems very dry when applying. I get a lot of length once applied. Haven't notice a difference yet. I guess we have to wait and see.
  • it's the healthy kind of mascara and looks great on me- thick and pretty long lashes!
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