Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara Deluxe Travel Size Mini Trial .17 Ounce - REVIEW

  • I was a bit skeptical I normally buy mines from Sephora, but this price was hard to pass up. Packaging was perfect box is super fresh mascara is super fresh, not old or expired which is exciting coming from Amazon will update with a photo of lashes.
  • The best mascara I have ever used. I bought the first one at a Sephora and the rest I got online at Amazon much cheaper than Sephora. Absolutely love it.
  • love this mascara. glides on perfect. pretty shade. i bought another just incase they discontinue!i have sensitive eyes and have had no problems.🫶🤌
  • I love Marc Jacobs mascara and love the mini size so I can try it before I purchase the full size.This didn’t disappoint.It went on smoothly with no clumping.I recommend.
  • I love this mascara. It’s not clumpy. Gives a very natural look and still gives you length. It’s not irritating. I love it
  • I have used Marc Jacobs mascara for several years.Gives eyelashes alot of body!Does not smear and stays on all day without a problem.I will continue to use it!
  • I have tried practically every mascara, from high end to drug store brands, and Marc Jacob's is my favorite.Doesnt clump and lengthens my 50 year old eyelashes.
  • I LOVE this mascara and am so sad they discontinued it, but finding these travel sizes here made my day! I can keep using my favorite product and I can have one at work and at home.
  • This may be my “forever” mascara! Rich & thick, it extends and adds volume better than other designer mascs I’ve tried & liked. And I love the “sample” size and price. Prices sometimes spike, though: I’ve waited for a fair price to emerge, & sooner or later it does. As long as prices are reasonable, I’ll keep buying this mini mascara.
  • Although it appeared to be rather dry when I opened the new mascara, it delivered some nice results. Fuller lashes without clumps. I was very happy to find that after several hours of wear at a humid outdoor event, the product did very little under eye smudging. My go to mascara has been Lancôme for years but I have to be sure to do a mirror check twice during the first few hours of after application because it smudges under my eyes from blinking.Marc Jacob’s formula only smudged a teeny tiny bit under one eye. It was hardly noticeable. And easily wiped away with one finger without removing any of my other makeup (concealer, eyeliner). Nothing like raccoon eyes that other non-waterproof mascaras inevitably cause. The only reason I took off one star was because the formula is very dry looking and the wand is very clumpy with product. However, this did not seem to affect performance. At least not yet.
  • I really love this mascara! I found it recently and also discovered it was discontinued. It has a nice brush and doesn’t smear, dry out or smudge. Not sure why they discontinued it. It gives length and fullness without shine or stickiness. I bought a couple but will need to search for a replacement now. Bummed.
  • I recently bought a mini size and love that I can keep it in my bag. I love it so much I bought another! It stays all day and gives the perfect amount of volume. So sad I cant find this mascara anywhere else. I will be buying more!
  • So, this mascara is a miracle worker!! Let me tell ya, I've used sooooooo many different brands and types. I'm 53 yrs old and that's a lot of mascara I've been through. I hope and pray this stays on Amazon because Marc Jacobs has discontinued their store. I don't ever wanna give this mascara up!
  • This mascara is the best hands down!!! It’s nice and smooth and do not cake up!!! Love it! I need to order more!!!
  • The media could not be loaded. Love the definition of my eyelashes. Creates the lengthening look I was looking for!
  • This product is absolutely what I was looking for ! I used to try to use MAC mascara bc it’s one of the best but unfortunately I had allergic reactions to all their products and couldn’t use.I’ve been looking for a comparable replacement and this is it!!! When I don’t want to wear lashes, this gives me the volume and lash extension I’m looking for! No irritations, no clumping and easy to wash off.One of my favorite products !!!
  • Expensive. Small. Tube. But you get what you pay for. My favorite mascara by far because it doesn’t clump as easy as other waterproof mascara
  • This mascara is wonderful. I have tried a multitude of them and this one is the best. It doesn't clump and it adds volume to my mature lashes! I love the brush and how it separates and I think helps curl them! It's too bad they have discontinued it. I can only get small travel size. Please make this available again!
  • I enjoy using this brand, from the coverage and fullness it provides. The only downfall, which I am ok with, is I tend to get raccoon eyes.
  • This has been my favorite mascara for quite some time, and was super sad to see it be discontinued. I've ordered these minis from amazon in the past and they truly last a while! Even with a smaller size, the formula is just like the regular sized products. I love this mascara and recommend it highly!
  • I must say , I am not sure how old these are as i have not used them yet , but will today , I was given one over 2 years ago and I still use it, so decided to order 4 more, when I opened the tube they all seemed way drier than my 2 year old oneI guess time will tell ,
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  • An ultra-volume mascara that delivers instant dimension for epic lashes.
  • This major volume mascara delivers instant volume for your most epic lashes yet.
  • Experience ultimate volume and the look of thick, false lashes with Major Lashes On the Go
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