Marcelle Xtension Plus + Pro Lash Growth Complex Mascara, Black, 1 Tube - REVIEW

  • I’m 67, and some of the lashes on my left eye are now straight. I don’t know why, but I tried all kinds of remedies.I tried this mascara and saw a difference immediately. My lashes were separating and started to curl up a little.I then used a heated eyelash curler and it really set them.AND, they stayed curled until I took the mascara off!I’ve never had an experience like this with any other product l!
  • This mascara leaves no clumps and seperates lashes. I actually love that it doesnt require a deep scrub to take off. i have bought several.
  • I like this máscara and this is the second time buying it.Glides on easily without clumping.No smudges or flaking. I recommend trying it.
  • I was skeptical but Wowzers! This mascara is a must have. I’ve used Marcelle now for 16 days and there is a noticeable improvement not only in the length of my lashes, but also the thickness. My bottom lashes look like Twiggy’s lol. I could actually feel the difference after the first day as my lashes felt, well, thicker.To the people who wrote reviews the mascara was flaking, I have not had any problem with this and I’m questioning whether it may be the type of face/eye cream they’re using....just a thought.Thank you, Marcelle. This mascara is going on my Every three months with Amazon. Please keep selling this!!!
  • I have to say, this mascara is better than 90% of the mascaras I have ever used.It is not clumpy, builds well, has great extension for the lashes to look long without overloaded with product.I’m loving it!
  • Great mascara! Makes lashes double the length and thickness immediately. Not clumpy. I am in love with this product!♥️
  • This mascara is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Most mascaras make my eyes itchy but this one doesn’t. Not only that but it makes my lashes look great. It’s easy to remove and doesn’t flake like the smash box brand I have.
  • I had to stop using because of eye problems unrelated to this product.I used for a couple of weeks and really liked it.It didnt seem to add any length but it was a good mascara that didnt irritate my sensitive eyes
  • I’ve been looking for a mascara that actually emphasis my lashes & finally found it! Pretty volume control & definitely worth the money!
  • This Mascara is wonderful. Not only is it clump proof, it added volume. The best I have experienced. Great value and my lashes are growing.
  • My lashes have needed extra care since chemotherapy and this mascara has not only been beautiful on, but also seems to be gentle on my lashes, I love this stuff.
  • I love this mascara, it's so easy to apply to my lashes... Doesn't have my lashes stick.. Gives a lot of volume...
  • I only started using this so I can't comment on the "growth" portion, but I love the way it goes on and the brush/applicator.Stays on well all day.
  • Great product. Flawless application. Stays on all day. Got my daughter one because she kept taking mine.
  • Love that the brush helps keep it from clumping, not sure if my lashes are improved at all but I like the product so will definitely buy again.
  • this is a great mascara itself. ive been using it for around three weeks now but I honestly don’t see change. My lashes were stronger when I used castor oil, but I keep monitoring how my lashes do and see if they start growing soon.
  • Not gloppy, goes on smoothly and looks great. Reasonably priced for a nice mascara, although I dont know about the growth promise - my lashes are already long enough, they are just sparse and fine.This brush separates my lashes so they do look like I have more of them. This is a nice reasonably-priced beauty brand so I will probably be looking to try more of their products.
  • Is great for regular daily usage, and is quite water resistant. Unfortunately, I did not see a large improvement in my lash length even though the product was marketed as a lash lengthener.
  • I am so happy with this product! I wanted to try new bare minerals mascara with serum for strengthening eyelashes. Then I saw this one on amazon and ordered and now it’s my favorite mascara ever because: it never burns my eyes, unlike other (even expensive) mascaras; it gives my eyelashes crazy length and volume, they look amazing after applying it. Finally, I noticed I don’t lose as much eyelashes anymore. In fact I feel like after using it for about 6 weeks my eyelashes actually got stronger. Amazing product, might be better than that bare minerals one, and cheaper. It’s made in Canada and it’s doctors approved.
  • This mascara is a perfect consistency, not to clumpy not flaky when it dries...removes easily. The brush 'fans' out your lashes so it's very volumizing! The formula also lengthens very well, so my lashes 'stand out' My eyelashes are thin so i love that it accentuates every lash. The brush separates very well and reaches every lash easily, even bottom lashes. I noticed after a week or two of use, my lashes were much fuller, so the serum in the mascara is great. I have since purchased an additional and really love the fullness of my eyelashes since i've started using this mascara. The only downside is it doesnt hold the curl well. After I use, my lashes straighten out
  • I've been pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and lasting ability of this product.I have been using two coats, second coat applied immediately after first coat.It has been easily lasting 12-14 hours with no flaking at all, no dryness and no clumps at all.Can't say whether my lashes will grow more but as a mascara it is an awesome product.It comes off easily with IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup Remover.I don't know if it will survive the crying test or not, one reason why I normally use waterproof mascara, but it gives you long, lush lashes that last all day, even in hot, humid weather.If it continues to work this way, I will definitely buy again.
  • I haven't noticed any growth yet but I love the brush itself and it doesn't clump
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